Beliefs Are Just Thoughts*

(*But extremely powerful ones, worth improving!)

I've helped lots of people with many of their beliefs.

And I noticed a common theme. A good chunk of people resist changing beliefs that don’t serve them.

We can brainstorm reasons why this may be so, (fears, neuroses, etc.), but I’m hoping by explaining and de-mystifying ‘beliefs’, people will be more focused on improving theirs.

(Plus, it’ll make my job easier.)

So, without further adieu…

…Let’s learn about beliefs. 

A thought is like a pebble, a belief is like a boulder.

One makes very little splash in our lives, the other can literally transform the entire landscape. But roll a thought around in your mind long enough, and that grain of sand will gather more, and transform into a massively impactful belief. The process is 100% under your control. It’s your mind, your thoughts, your beliefs, and you have the final say on ’em.

Beliefs Are Positive And Negative
Sometimes a belief's 'charge' isn't immediately clear.

Sometimes we have to really feel it out, and think it through. For example, the belief “money doesn’t grow on trees”, seems harmless. Surely that can’t be a negative belief, right? Tons of people believe this. Yes and tons of people are unable to realize their financial goals as well.

A far more positive belief is this:

“Since the beginning, our economy has only grown & increasing wealth’s been generated. Money literally doesn’t “run out.” It’s always out there, eager to flow to anyone who puts themselves in a position to receive it… money might as well grow on trees.

Money doesn’t grow on trees is a negative belief. Money might as well grow on trees is a positive one.

Beliefs Magnetically Attract
It's vital to shift negative thought-processes.

There’s really only a couple ways to shift our thoughts.

  1. By focusing on different thoughts.
  2. By stopping all thought.

Since most people are so tenaciously action-oriented, they usually won’t go for meditation or sleep — which would quickly stop all thought. But giving our minds a break from thinking 60,000+ thoughts a day is a great way to stop some bad-belief momentum. If you absolutely refuse to meditate or sleep, you can try more active ways of shifting beliefs… but it’s much trickier.

You have to focus on other things. Stop worrying about bills, go pet your dog. Drop obsession with your crush, go create art. But whatever you do, you’ve gotta feel better. Your emotions let you know the charge of your current thoughts & beliefs. There’s countless ways to change your focus, it’s very individual. You’ll have to apply yourself and find some that work for you.

That said, I have a few exercises I personally use, and may share later on. (I even made a down-and-dirty accompanying app to change my beliefs.)

Hopefully you understand why it's so vital to shift your beliefs, & how to manage it.

If not, maybe give this page a review, or sign-up to my weekly #ryzeseshes for more personal explanations and direct answers to your specific questions.

Wishing you a ryzing life,
Much love,

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