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As a kid, you mastered your beliefs.

(But then society sucked-away your skills.)

Gurus say 'beliefs are key,' then fail to teach you what they are, why they matter, and how to master them. Worse— they don't explain how your belief-powers have weakened since you were little. So... what happened to the belief-skills you were born with? I'll tell you...

But first, just know that if you reclaim the belief-mastery you once had, you'll join the legends we all look up to. From Buddha to Steve Jobs to Beyoncé… everyone you admire had great belief-control. So if you control your beliefs well, you'll automatically join the ranks of the world’s elite. You'll live the high-life so many dream of. It’s a universal law— leveraging beliefs is the single most valuable life-lesson a person can get.

So what happened to your childhood belief-skills?

Did aliens steal away your belief-talent?

Did parents beat your belief-mastery out of you? Did you get distracted by a shiny object? Nope, not at all. Something far more insidious happened.
A subtle, but crippling, process took place.

Osmosis happened.

What’s osmosis, you may ask? It’s just a fancy word for ‘steady absorption.’ As kids, we were natural absorbers. We absorbed everything. We absorbed every lesson, idea, and pattern around us. And since society is full of bad beliefs and terrible belief-control… we absorbed that too.

And most of us didn’t even notice it was happening.

We absorbed trillions of experiences as kids. Millions of them reinforced the lesson that beliefs are not worth mastering. Every time…
  • A parent gave in to your tantrums, it taught you that tantrums are the path to getting what you want.
  • A friend praised you for doing what they wanted, it taught you the path to being liked is agreeing with others.
  • A teacher implied you were unskilled, it taught you that you’re unskilled at yet another thing.
And the list goes on. Experiences like these teach you one life-shattering thing.

Use manipulation & bad behavior to get what you want, rather than master your beliefs.

As a child you were practically drowning in poor teachings and bad beliefs. You encountered thousands of them a day, and probably still do.
And like a fish swimming in the Pacific, it takes top-tier awareness to realize you’re in a toxic ‘belief-ocean.’
But, the fact is...

You're not a fish.

You’re a smart, capable person. And you can reclaim your childhood power over your beliefs, right here, right now. And I’ll show you how.

"You're f***ing powerful, i just want to see you use it."

— J-Ryze

Yes, it's for real.

These people know beliefs are a game-changer.

Monika Gonzalez

Creative Coach Helper

“J-Ryze helped in curing me of a devastating OCD behavior. I spoke with him just once and I’ve already healed. He guided me to healing my own mind. I’m grateful.”
Evan Carmichael


“J-Ryze is a weird duck. He sees the world differently than you do. And that’s a good thing. Come with an open mind and prepared to be challenged. Enjoy! #Believe”
Ben Jenks

Travel Blogger

“J-Ryze came with his passionate, motivational gloves off & beat up my poor, limiting beliefs to a pulp. He gave me 2 epiphanies I’d been waiting for for years.”
That's not all though, because...

These famous faces also 'get' beliefs.

Conor McGregor

MMA Fighter

“My success isn’t the result of arrogance, it’s the result of belief.
Maya Angelou

Famous Poet

“Your belief and your work will speak for you.”

Bad Bunny


“If you don’t believe it yourself, no one will think it.”

"I've already tried...

changing my beliefs— It didn't work.

I’ve signed up for programs, hired coaches, and listened to self-help stuff. All were useless for me.”

Hey, I’ve been there, I get it. But there’s a reason those things didn’t work for you, and I bet no one’s revealed it to you yet. So of course none of your efforts would’ve worked out very effectively. You were missing a key piece of the puzzle.

Yes, and I'll give you the missing piece shortly.

But first we'll need to talk about trains.

A thought is like an engine-car, and a belief is like an entire train.

One car sitting alone in the train-yard doesn’t do much. But a train burning gas & gaining speed can do a whole lot.
Imagine you have a bunch of train-cars sitting around in your brain. Now imagine some of the most related thoughts ‘connect’, and form a train.

‘Trains’ make understanding beliefs simple.

For example, “Hey, nice music” is a single, unpowered engine-car (thought). While…
“Music is my divine birthright, and I come alive when serving it to appreciative audiences–” is a cluster of thoughts built up over time. It’s a whole train fueled by passionate, positive emotion.

In other words, a belief.

Which is more powerful to you? The single, passing thought, or the thought-clustered belief?
Point is, if you string some ‘engine-cars’ (thoughts) together into a ‘train’ (belief), you’ll go really fast & far.
Thought Vs. Belief

So for beliefs to take you far, choose your thoughts well.

And since only you control your thoughts, your beliefs are 100% yours to control. It’s your mind you have the final say on what happens in there.

But be careful...

Your beliefs can
'electrocute' you.


Yeah, each of your thoughts holds a charge.

Does each of your thoughts have a negative charge, or positive? Sometimes it takes real effort to figure it out. Remember, each thought is an ‘engine-car’. The thing is, the car isn’t always marked clearly. Sometimes we can’t tell whether it’s a ‘reverse-engine’ or a ‘forward-engine’ at first.

Let’s say you have a belief on [topic X]. If you don’t figure out your thoughts charge, you may get a belief with 5 engines set to forward, but also 5 set to backward. This causes you to go nowhere. It ensures you make zero progress on that topic in your life.

And worse, it ‘electrocutes’ you. You’ll end up feeling fried and damaged on [Topic X]. That’s what happens when your belief’s loaded with conflicting charges. Your life will get pretty messed up on [Topic X].

As a kid you were great at separating positively-charged thoughts from negatively-charged ones, and it’s time to shake the rust off that ability.

If you're going to use your beliefs properly, then...

Ensure all your engines are set to 'forward.'

This, like most valuable skills in life, takes practice.

Which means you’ll have to practice on your own thoughts, often. You’ll have to explore whether they’re set to ‘forward’ (positive), or ‘backward’ (negative). Like riding a bike or dribbling a ball… there’s only one way to improve: Practice.
For example, the belief “money doesn’t grow on trees” at first seems harmless. Surely something so innocent couldn’t be a negative belief, could it? Many people believe “money doesn’t grow on trees.”
And that’s true. Many people hold that belief. And those same people are unable to realize their financial goals smoothly because of it.
A more positive belief might be:
“Our economy has only grown since the beginning. Wealth continues to be generated. So far money hasn’t ever ‘run out.’ It’s always there, eager to flow toward those in a position to receive it. In that light… money might as well grow on trees.”
Our initial belief, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ is actually a negative belief. ‘Money’s abundant, it basically does grow on trees’ is a positive one.
Thoughts Are Charged

But there’s another factor that’s vital to know. And I’ll be mixing metaphors a bit to explain it, so bear with me.

Thoughts are attractive & magnetic.

Thoughts don’t exist in a vacuum. They exist in your mind with millions of other thoughts. And as soon as you activate one of those thoughts, well…

There are consequences.

There are consequences to every thought we think. If we think a negative thought, we attract more, and create pain in our lives. If we think a positive thought, we attract more, and create joy in our lives.

It’s not possible to avoid this.

No one taught you that every thought you think does something. No matter what you believe, one fact never changes. You still get f**ked by negative thoughts, and blessed by positive ones. Choose wisely.

Because there’s only ‘two’ types of experiences in life. Pleasure, and pain. And any thought you choose, either gets you closer to pleasure, or closer to pain.

Negative thoughts cause self-sabotage, lead to bad beliefs, and inspire ineffective action. Positive thoughts cause self-support, lead to good beliefs, and inspire effective action.

As a kid you knew this. So you made sure you were a bundle of joy to be around. Because whether you were falling down, speaking improperly, or spilling food… it was all handled with positive thoughts & attitude.

And since you were such a joy to be around, people kept showering you with food, clothing, toys, etc. Karma. Life. And your beliefs did all the work.

You didn’t have to lift a finger.

But as you became a ‘less-happy’ teen, you stopped moderating your thoughts. Which meant you began attracting more pain, pressure, and obligation. It’s a universal law. Every thought you have is a magnetic engine-car, set to forward, or set to reverse.



Hopefully this helps you understand how thoughts grow into beliefs. Point is, our thoughts aren’t just engine-cars… they’re magnetic engine-cars. And as soon as you think one, it ‘magnetizes’ similar engine-cars to it. Fast. So a few innocent thoughts quickly creates a ‘negative’ (or ‘positive’) belief on key areas of our lives.

Something as simple as “I believe growth is hard” can quickly attract a lot of other painful thoughts. “Growth is easy”, on the other hand, rapidly gathers joyful thoughts.

So recall the 'missing puzzle-piece' I talked about earlier...

The secret to belief-mastery is momentum.

How often do you use the word momentum? Hopefully more and more, because it’s epically important.
Picture a powerful freight-train. Even just standing near it in the trainyard, you can feel it’s majesty looming over you. Putting your hand on it’s cool steel, you know that it could get you where you want to go, fast. (But you also know you wouldn’t want to be standing on the tracks in-front of it once it’s picked up speed.)

That train is one of your key beliefs.

And your belief-train has a velocity, a power-level, and a track.
For example, when you were born you had a belief about ‘security’. That belief began as ‘neutral’. This means your belief had 0 velocity, 0 power, and was stationary on the ‘security’ track.
As time passed, your belief’s momentum grew. Sometimes it was positive momentum, sometimes it was momentum heading the opposite way.
For our example, we’ll measure your belief-velocity in ‘thoughts-per-hour’. (It’s just a made-up measurement.) And actually, let’s call it ‘belief-speed’ to make it simpler.

Your belief-momentum may go like this:

Age: 1 years old (belief stationary, neutral.)
Track: Insecurity / Security
Speed: 0tph (thoughts-per-hour)
Power: 0mv (mood-volts)


As you were fed & clothed by your parents, your ‘security’ belief sped-up positively. You thought ‘appreciation’ every time food or shelter was provided. This ‘powered’ your belief up even more. You quickly believed you’d ‘be fine’, ‘cared for’, and ‘secure’.
You felt secure despite having no job (and your muscles weren’t even able to navigate the world yet).
Age: 5 years old (far along the ‘security’ track)
Speed: +500tph
Power: 1200mv (+)
This let you grow & learn fast as a child. (It’s easier to focus on walking, talking, and playing when you believe life is secure.) But as time went on, your ‘security belief’ began slowing down. Instead of fueling your belief with appreciation, you, like most, changed your approach.

Age: 9 years old (slowing, switching directions.)
Speed: 0tph
Power: 2500mv (-)

And instead of noticing your security beliefs dropping, you actively began reversing direction. You started tapping the brakes a bit with counter-beliefs. Things like: “If I piss off my parents I may no longer be secure”. Or “the world only gives security to infants, I’ll lose mine eventually”. Or “money (security) doesn’t grow on trees, you know!”
Age: 16 years old (speeding towards insecure.)
Track: Insecurity / Security
Speed: -710tph
Power: 5000mv (-)
Adding ‘braking’ beliefs to the subject of security has an impact. They gave an opposite velocity to your belief-train. You began barreling down the track towards insecurity. And if you keep fueling fear-based beliefs like this, you’ll end up a panicky, insecure mess.


And the worst part? It makes you impossible to help. Others can’t stop your insecurity freight-train at this point. No matter how much help you’re given, your high-velocity bad-beliefs will ruin it. They become a self-fulfilling prophecy guaranteeing security you scrounge up disappears, fast.

But don’t worry. The opposite is true too.

I'm about to give an example of how you can...

Build positive life-changing beliefs.

Let’s look at a non-ideal belief many people have. We’ll see an example of someone flipping the script and changing the speed & direction of it. Let’s see someone turn a bad belief into a great one.

And this time we'll use a 'grown-up'.

Cynthia believed change is hard.

She thought addiction took forever to beat, business took forever to learn, and losing weight took forever to do.

These are pretty rough beliefs. I mean, you can see how beliefs like this would hold Cyn back, right?
Let’s say her dream is to be a rich, famous, successful woman. Is this gonna happen if she fails to beat addiction, learn to make money, and ditch all the extra weight?
Hell no.
She’d need to get her belief-train going in a totally different direction. And let’s say she’s believed this so often, for so long, and so passionately, that no one can convince her change is easy. So, her starting point looks like this:
Age: 42 years old (speeding towards wither.)
Track: Wither / Growth
Speed: -1490tph (thoughts-per-hour)
Power: 10,000mv (-) (mood-volts)


Brutal start. Cyn’s over forty, and her life seems to be growing backwards. She’s losing her job, relationships, and her kids because her beliefs about growth are so negative. Plus, her beliefs about aging, wasted opportunities, and struggle have so much ‘mood-voltage.’ But a self-help book tells her to meditate. So she tries it.
She gives up after 5 minutes and decides it didn’t work. But actually… it did. It wasn’t much because she didn’t stick with it. But it did calm her thoughts and result in a ‘lessening’ of her crappy beliefs.
Age: 42 years old (meditation helped, but unnoticed.)
Speed: -1370tph
Power: 9000mv (-)
But her life still sucks. And she still believes change is hard. She takes a month off for ‘self-care’, but eventually comes back to meditation. This time she tries Headspace, a meditation app. She actually makes it to 15 minutes. She meditates off and on, and notices she’s feeling a bit better about her life. It still sucks, but she doesn’t feel as triggered, as often. She’s finally in a place where someone might be able to help.

Age: 42 years old (proper meditation eases negativity.)
Speed: -1250tph
Power: 7000mv (-)

Since she actually feels ‘helpable’ now, she reaches out to a coach. The coach gives her an exercise called a ‘Belief-Ladder’. He tells her it can elevate her beliefs, fast. She tries it.
  • I know that I grew quickly as a child.
  • What I’ve done once I can do again.
  • Even if change has been hard in the past, it doesn’t mean it always has to be.
  • In fact, I feel like it’s been so long, that I actually deserve fast improvement and growth.
  • I look at many celebrities, and their lives change fast, and what others do is possible for me too.
  • Surely there exist things I can do that make change and growth easier and more likely for me.
  • Even though my life was harsh, I choose to do things that create positive change.
  • And when I put my mind to something, I always make progress.
  • This exercise is already change, since I’m thinking more positively than ever before.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

This exercise was a game-changer for Cyn.

It didn’t instantly solve every problem, but she felt the impact. She knew the momentum in her growth-beliefs just made a major swing.

Age: 42 years old (belief-ladder = headed towards growth.)
Speed: +10tph
Power: 7mv (+)

Her new beliefs weren’t very strong — only +17 momentum. They were moving pretty slowly. But something important had happened. For the first time in years, her beliefs about growth weren’t negative… they were positive.
Now, if one bad thing happens Cyn’s beliefs get knocked back to the negative side of the tracks. But if she’s careful not to rock her own beliefs, she can let her positive thoughts attract allies.
And she does. The Belief-Ladder exercise felt so good that she did another one the next day on a related topic: practice. The day after, she did one on focus. The day after, she improved her beliefs on opportunities, mood-management, and easy change. She’s on fire now, so let’s check in on her beliefs.

Age: 42 years old (speeding towards growth!)
Track: Wither / Growth
Speed: +5000tph
Power: 6000mv (+)




Now, Cyn actually believes change is easy.

And she did it by first calming her mind and slowing her ‘wild’ bad beliefs, then consciously thinking better and better thoughts.
Of course, all this momentum requires a lot of power. Cyn’s beliefs needed to be ‘energized’ somehow. And it’s natural to wonder where this energy came from.

high-value beliefs
plus positive emotion
equals realized dream."

— J-Ryze

The energy for your beliefs isn't some fluke.

You provide all the necessary 'mood-volts.'

“And what are mood-volts,” you ask? Well, they’re another made-up measurement, but they’re still very important.

Because I made them up to teach you.

Like ‘thoughts-per-hour’, ‘mood-volts’ are a term of convenience. I invented it to describe the energy-level behind a thought or a belief. It helps get the point across, even if I have no science backing it. And you can feel the value of ‘mood-volts’ with your own experience.

Think about it.

You know that you ‘think’ some ideas with more energy than others, and you don’t need anyone to prove it to you.

You’ve known this since you were little.

You know you can tell somebody “I love you” and have zero energy behind it. You’re just saying it half-heartedly and going through the motions. Barely any mood-volts.

But you also know you could be a mute. You may never say the words “I love you”, but your heart is full of love. You’ve devoted your life to your partner. There’s so much energy, emotion, and appreciation in all you do for them, it blares ‘love’. And any partner on the receiving end of all that would be able to tell. Even if it was just a single gesture or moment, people can feel the vibe. Thousands of mood-volts.

Both examples are the same thought. Basically, “I love you”. But the latter has way more positive energy behind it. And where does this power for our thoughts come from? Our emotions.

Our emotions energize every single thought we have.

We can give a bit of juice to our thoughts with slight emotion. We can also juice-up a thought into the stratosphere by adding intense emotion.

If we feel strongly about a negatively-charged thought, we’ll rapidly create a negative result.  If we feel strongly about a positively-charged thought, we’ll rapidly create a positive result.

Your emotions provide the mood-voltage to your beliefs.

Unfortunately most people misuse theirs and create sh*tty lives.

Most people have belief-trains far on the 'negative' side of the tracks.

And there are many pivotal belief-tracks in your life.

You'll want to improve your beliefs on...

Tracks such as:

Poverty / Wealth

Your beliefs about abundance, prosperity, and value are all related --but individual-- tracks here.

Wither / Growth

This track is vital, because it prevents or helps your progress on all other tracks.

Problem / Solution

Your beliefs about finding solutions had best be positive or you're in trouble.

Unconfidence / Confidence

Under-confidence is a big problem for most people. Fix your beliefs on this track.

Ineptness / Efficiency

This track decides how smoothly and quickly you make progress.

Inconsistency / Consistency

Inconsistency is a killer. Elevate your beliefs in this area & life will sky-rocket.

It's fine if all 6 need work.

It’s not your fault if these beliefs are out of wack. It was the responsibility of authority figures to teach you better.

Parents, teachers, friends.

They all steered you wrong.

It wasn’t intentional. They were just doing the best they knew how. But they did steer you wrong. Because no one taught them belief-control either. And as you spent time around them, you absorbed their weak beliefs through osmosis. Most of humanity is caught-up in a cycle of beliefs that don’t serve us.

But you’re ready to break the cycle. You can make sure bad beliefs stop with you, if you’re committed to improving yours.

Be the change.


There's only 3 ways to
control your thoughts.

1. By stopping your thoughts.
2. By switching to a 'safer' topic.
3. By thinking 'better' thoughts.

But most people avoid using them.

The main reason people avoid belief-control, even if they know it’s a door to their dreams…

…is because most of us are action-obsessed.

(We’re a giant bundle of “What can I do? How do I do it? I want to do something about my problems!”)

Our action-obsession causes us to seek anything but meditation, sleep, and intentional thought. And it’s too bad, because tip one is all about it.

1. Stop your thoughts.

Meditation & sleep are easy, reliable, near-instant ways to stop spirals of negative thought. Giving our minds a break from thinking 50,000+ daily thoughts is a great way to stop any bad-belief momentum.

As a kid you napped a lot. Some people will tell you it’s because you ‘needed it’ or you were ‘growing’, and that’s true. But there’s a root reason behind all of that.

You had lots of energy when surrounded by good vibes. You were energized when doing what you love. But as soon as obstacles foiled you or your mood turned dark, your natural instinct was to sleep and reset. Because kids know that negative thoughts is no way to grow. Their #1 priority is to adjust.

But, if you absolutely refuse to meditate or sleep, you can try more ‘active’ ways of shifting beliefs… just know that it’s trickier.

2. Focus on ‘safer‘ topics.

This is the easiest ‘active’ method of controlling your thoughts. But it’s not very effective. If you have negative beliefs on money for instance, you can switch topics. Focus on winning in a game, or focus on your creativity in art. You can choose some ‘safer’ topic where your beliefs are stable. This has a ‘splash effect’. Keep thoughts positive on other topics, and they’ll gradually spread & influence money beliefs. It’s a long game. If you want something active *and* effective, you’ll have to…

3. Think better thoughts.

Think better thoughts about the same topic that’s causing you distress. We’ve seen this already in Cyn’s example. We saw her intentionally, consciously shift her beliefs on ‘fast change.’

And, like riding a bike or dribbling a basketball, these skills take lot of practice early on. They also take a reasonable level of maintenance afterwards.

These techniques are useless to you if you don’t practice them.

And 3 ways to
control your emotions.

1. Think something that feels better.
2. Do something that feels better.
3. Sleep.

You already have a mood-management system.

There’s as many ways of managing your mood as there are people on the planet. And they equate to thinking/doing something happier, or resetting your emotional compass. (Sleeping!)

It doesn’t matter what topic ‘triggers’ your emotions.

All that matters is that you take responsibility for your mood, and improve it.

  • Stop worrying about bills, go pet your dog instead. It’s hard for anyone to be angry while petting an animal.
  • Or drop an obsession with your crush, go create art instead.
  • Walk away from the argument with your partner, and take a nice bath or shower instead.

Whatever you do, you’ve got to make feeling better a priority.

The neurons in your mind and cells in your body can’t perform well when flooded with ‘stress’ chemicals. But your mind and body will do life-changingly inspiring things for you if you amp up your mood and get in the zone.

Your emotions amplify the charge of your beliefs.

And no one can ‘make’ you feel something, even if it sometimes seems that way. Fact is, you and only you, control your emotions. And they’re easy to change. Use music, dance, rest, walks, whatever! You just have to apply yourself. Find mood-elevating thoughts & actions that work for you.


But it has to be now.

Because it gets harder the longer you wait.

Since negative thoughts add momentum to bad beliefs… you’re making your job a lot harder with every second you delay. You’re letting your bad beliefs speed you away from your dream life. It happens with every bad thought that passes.

I know you can achieve everything you want. And I’d love to help you. But this can only happen if you make a decision here, now, to take better control of your beliefs. Or you can be like everyone else, and let it get harder and harder.

You seem to know your stuff but...

Why should I trust you on all this?

Ah, fair question. Allow me to introduce myself.

Hi! I'm J-Ryze, and...

I've improved over 10,000 beliefs in my life.

And not just my own! Hundreds of clients have turned to me for help with their beliefs, and as I helped them, I noticed a common theme. Most people resist improving beliefs that don’t serve them.

They literally fight to keep bad beliefs around.

Why? Because if they abandon them, they’ll feel like a ‘fish out of water.’ I mean, it’s really no big deal. Elevate your beliefs, become a bird and start soaring. What holds people back is they know they’ll have to leave all the other fish  —their friends and family— behind.

Most people are un-confident in their own power. They rely on external supporters so much, that they don’t realize they’re fighting to stay underwater. Most people cling to old beliefs out of fear. Fear of change. Fear of the unknown. Fear of ego-death. Fear of ‘actual’ death.

But you’re meant to soar.

You’re meant to achieve your dreams. Get all the things. Be as rich, healthy, and loved as you want. You’re meant to make an impact. And you were born with all you need to realize your desires.

And your beliefs are your most powerful tool.

"Life is a 'belief game,' and the energy you bring decides whether you win."

— J-Ryze

OK, I'm about to tell you something 'scary.'

You literally have thousands of beliefs to improve.

And if thousands of beliefs to ‘fix’ seems overwhelming, scary, or off-putting, don’t worry. It’s actually a good thing. Because it’s not hard work. It’s easy and fun. Ultimately…

Beliefs are the game of life.

Every time you handle a belief well, you get ‘rewarded’ with more of your dreams. No one wants this ‘game’ to end, because it’d mean our dreams end. It’d be boring and lifeless. Instead, celebrate that you have a fun game full of thousands of levels. Get psyched to see your score increase. Control your beliefs and watch life blossom around you in the juiciest of ways.

The only time it sucks is when we stay stuck on an early level.

It only sucks when we refuse to improve at the game. Or if we rant and rave and mumble and moan, while other players zoom by.

So please, do as you did when you were young. Master your beliefs. You have thousands of beliefs guiding your actions and creating your results. Don’t let them go unattended. Start paying more attention. Catch them. Adjust them. Elevate them.

If you look around at the average person —maybe even your friends and family— these are all people with poor belief-control. The people who have mastered their beliefs are the legends we all look up to.

From Muhammad to Musk to Oprah… our heroes have above-average belief-control.

Practice improving your beliefs obsessively. Do it and you’ll join the ranks of the world’s elite. It’s a universal law, undeniable and rock-solid. Leveraging it is the single most valuable life-lesson a person can get it. Sadly, it’s taught infrequently & improperly by our society.

Hopefully this post helps nudge you (and others) to re-claim your own belief-mastery.

So J, why did you write all this?

I could tell you it’s because my homeless years taught me a lot. Or that being a ‘child-genius’ who failed 11 businesses inspires me to save others from similar. But the truth is even better than those reasons.

I wrote this because...

I see your potential. I know you have amazing dreams inside you, waiting to be realized. I know you're valuable and have a lot to contribute to the world. By helping you tap into your power, I'm helping a fellow creator succeed on greater levels. And you know what that means? It means I get a better world to live in.


Maybe you're the next Bezos.

Maybe you create the next Amazon, Apple, Nike, or Google. Or maybe you just create a lil Mom & Pop shop down the street.

But either way, the world is a far better place with you adding to it, and I feel damn good about myself if I helped play a role.

I love helping people #ryze.

I love understanding, clarity, and empowering people to rise up. And I believe karma will bring that back to me in many ways.

Now I think I teach this best, but if you want a second opinion...

Here's some other belief-teachers.

Esther Hicks


“When your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality.”

Joe Dispenza


“When you add beliefs together, you create a perception. Your perceptions have everything to do with the…realities you create.”

Gabby Bernstein


“I challenge you to move beyond these beliefs of limitation and suffering.”

And we'll wrap-up with...

More famous quotes on belief.

Belief Quotes

Belief Quotes

So many great people have used & understood beliefs.

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

Muhammad Ali

“I can believe things that are true, and things that aren’t true, and I can believe things where nobody knows if they’re true or not.”

Neil Gaiman

“That belief in myself, and belief that I had something to offer, so we built our own bridge, and I started my own record company.”

Jay Z

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible.”

Misty Copeland

“Trust and belief are two prime considerations. You must not allow yourself to be opinionated.”

James Dean

“If you believe in yourself anything is possible.”

Miley Cyrus

“A passionate belief in your business… can make all the difference between success and failure.”

Richard Branson

“Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.”

Steve Jobs

“I believe if you put out positive vibes to everybody, that’s all you’re going to get back.”



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