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Cynthia Moreno

Hi, I'm Cyn, & I'm going to tell you about the man to my right, but first...

Want bigger boobs? A smaller waist? Smoother skin? Fuller lips? No hip-dips? Better hair? More femininity? Improved sex life? Change your height?

These are easier to get than you might think.

Especially for open minded rebels. Don’t believe it? Keep reading.

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Don’t worry, it’s not another fad diet.

Or some new exercise regimen.

It’s not shapewear.
It’s not surgery.
It’s not therapy.
It’s not drugs.

It’s an easier, happier, more personal approach to body transformation.

If you’re thinking “sounds good to be true,” I totally get it, but please relax, open your mind, and let me help you get your dream body.

In case you missed it up above, I’m Cynshine!

And I want to introduce you to the world’s greatest law of attraction teacher, J-Ryze.

(I call him ‘The Bimbo Whisperer’, because he’s helped me so much on my journey to a ‘bimbo’, ‘bombshell’, or ‘glam’ aesthetic.)

Jay has studied scores of Law Of Attraction mentors, and learned the most from Abraham-Hicks. And although Abe-Hicks are incredible LOA teachers, Jay’s way of teaching is clearer and makes more sense, especially to lay-people.

And he’s been teaching body-transformation through LOA privately for years, but I convinced him to go public with it. Jay can teach anyone who wants to be a conscious creator how to manifest the body of their dreams. And he teaches even more than that. Did you know your desire to change your appearance is also connected to sex, love, relationships, femininity, energy, wealth, beliefs, moods, and choices?

Well it is. How do I know?  Because he taught me! 

J-Ryze can teach you even if you’ve tried to follow every guru on YouTube. Even if you’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to manifest and change your appearance. Even if you’ve never been able to manifest anything in your life before. Even if you think the law of attraction is a load of shit, Jay can still teach you. Even if you think you’ve tried everything, Jay will teach you that you truly haven’t tried everything, and he can teach you HOW. 

But learning takes heart.

If you’re looking for a magic pill to manifest ‘instant change,’ then Jay isn’t the teacher for you. If you’re looking for him to manifest for you then you’re better off browsing YouTube for snake-oil salesmen. Maybe someone will make a website called WeManifestForYou.com but until then, we’re focused on students who are eager to do ‘the work.’

And if you are eager to make changes and live differently, then you can make substantial progress towards your dream body. Because…

Beauty Is Your Birthright.

Why listen to me?

Because Jay's helped me transform almost every part of my body, inside and out.

I recently broke out in a horrible, disgusting rash that attacked my hands, neck, and face.

I reached for antibiotics when it got really bad, but they just made it worse.

My skin was red, swollen, and super itchy. And once the itch and redness went away I was left with dry, wrinkled skin. I was afraid I’d be like that forever, but Jay helped me rejuvenate it.

With Jay’s guidance, I was able to turn it around, and now my skin is soft, smooth, and better than before.

You can see for yourself…

And these photos aren’t even the worst of it. I just couldn’t bring myself to take more photos when it got really bad.

Eyes Breakout
Left Hand Breakout
Neck Breakout
Right Hand Breakout

And below are my after photos. My left hand is still healing because it was the worst of the bunch, but the improvement is undeniable.

I felt scared, powerless, and that my looks were ruined.

But I Was Wrong...

Those ideas were societal crap that I was fed my whole life. Jay had already taught me better than that, but the fear took over anyway, and if you don’t already know, fear kills dreams.

Truth is, I have 100% control over my body, and my life, and so do you!

And it wasn’t just my skin I transformed. My hair, weight, figure, even fashion have all improved rapidly with Jay’s guidance.

So, now I help women learn to take control of their bodies, and life. And even though I’ve not reached my body-goals fully yet, it’s never too early to help others. So I help women to manifest transformation the same way that I did. And I’ve learned the ins-and-outs of how to do it using Law Of Attraction. But we’ll get to that more later.

Have you ever felt like you have no control over your body like I did?

Ever felt you had no control over the way you look?

Do you ever feel like your genetics are in charge and you have zero say about what changes?

You’re not alone. Lots of women feel at the mercy of their bodies. They feel disempowered. They feel a lack of control.

And it’s a shame because your natural, mother-nature-given beauty can move mountains. Beauty and sex appeal are power. And it’s your birthright, waiting for you to shine it out more.

Society wants you kept powerless.

They want you to believe 'genetics' determines everything.

But they’re 100% wrong, and I’m living proof.

Most people teaching body transformation with the law of attraction are women. I imagine it’s because a lot of women want to learn from other women. So you might be asking yourself…

’Why should I bother to listen to a man about my body?’

Well, because Jay isn’t an ordinary man. He ‘gets’ women like no other man I’ve ever met. He doesn’t just get our bodies, he understands women on a deeper level… perhaps he was one in a past life, I don’t know. But what I do know, is that in all my years on this earth, in this body, I’ve never met a man who understands women like Jay.

And it’s not just because he’s my partner. Jay and I didn’t start as partners. We started as friends. Less than that. When he began helping me, I was the annoying, fat, fangirl who shared his stuff and applied every scrap of advice he gave me.

We became friends, then collaborators (we self-published a book together called ‘Soaring Beliefs’). And over time the friendship turned to love. But he helped me even when I was the annoying fangirl. He GOT me in ways that other humans never have before, without judgment, and with pure love and kindness.

When we met I was hooked on pain killers, muscle relaxers, and Xanax. I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety (3-6 panic attacks a day), and Bi-Polar disorder.

And Jay helped me cure them all.

It all started on my first stay in a mental hospital.

I was 13 years old.

I was suicidal (I’ve attempted suicide at least ten times in my life). I then went on to have eight more stays in the same hospital. I was put on Prozac at fourteen. Then I graduated to Geodon, Klonopin, Diazepam, and Lithium. I spent years on that cocktail. I was a freaking zombie. In 2006 before I met Jay, I decided I had enough and quit the drugs and the bullshit therapy that I had been going to since I was a child.

But it didn’t stop the depression and anxiety from controlling my life so I used Xanax and Marijuana to try to help my symptoms.

You might say ‘but Cyn, this isn’t about body transformation,’ and yes I know but you see I’m telling you all this because Jay helped me transform these massive issues, despite a long history of trauma, so that I could finally start to change my body too.

Because mind and body are connected. Beating anxiety, depression, and drugs for me, was the connection to beating obesity, skin conditions, and disease. Because you need to be mentally strong to use law of attraction. You need to be mentally strong to pull off ‘mind over matter.’ And I wasn’t able to mentally handle body- transformation until I got that other shit under control. And I wasn’t able to do that on my own. I was trying for years and it wasn’t working.

Meeting Jay changed my entire life.

Fast forward to 2018 and, like I said, I had to quit the pain killers, muscle relaxers, and Xanax. I spent three days quite uncomfortable physically, but emotionally happy. I was thrilled the pills were leaving my system and that I could start my new life. I woke up on the fourth day the happiest I’d ever been at that point. I felt like a new person. I’ve experienced detox from heroin (a freaking nightmare I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy — not that I have any, lol) and I was scared this would be the same, but it wasn’t. Because Jay had given me new beliefs. I just believed that my body and my cells could handle it. I believed that it’d be easy.

Sounds simple, but when I was laying on the floor of my living room with leg spasms… summoning those beliefs wasn’t so easy. But I managed it. And it worked. When the spasms started I chanted “My cells love me and are healing me. My body is healthy and feels good,” over and over. And it worked.

I ate a lot of candy (many addicts need sweets during detox, it helps for some weird reason) in between chanting out loud. My kids thought I was nuts but they were thrilled I was getting off the meds. I also sang a lot, and rolled around the floor a lot too. I want to also point out that my ex-husband kept telling me to ‘just take the meds so it wouldn’t hurt anymore.’ (Great support, eh?)

When it was over, I didn’t waste any time. The drug issues were done, and I knew my body was next. I had to transform myself.

And Jay was super patient, loving, and helpful through the entire thing.

I was fat but wanted an hourglass body my whole life.

But I wasn't quite ready to jump into that yet.

I had to start a bit smaller, and prove to myself that I could physically transform in other ways first…

I told Jay that I wanted to lose weight but keep my boobs. He sent me tons of resources on exactly that. He sent me loads of Abraham-Hicks videos. He was supportive and believed in me. He taught me how to manifest exactly what I wanted. I lost 100 pounds and my boobs didn’t shrink a single tiny inch. (Ok, the band size went down but my cup size remained a GGG.)

I lost weight without changing my diet of Diet Coke and Reese Cups. It gave me confidence. It inspired me. I decided I wanted to transform my hair too. So I asked Jay for help with it.

Because I didn’t just have skin issues, I also had alopecia years ago. My hair eventually grew back, but not properly. It was sparse and thin. But Jay helped me with this too. Any time I mentioned my hair, he’d say beautiful, positive things to me to help me raise my energy. He told me “It’s getting thicker every day. It’s better now than it was,” and I started saying –and feeling– the same things every time I looked in the mirror.

Left: Me when my hair was thinning and falling out.
Cyn with more short hairs
Middle: Me with a shaved head to hide my alopecia. It eventually grew back sparse & patchy, but I avoided cameras during that time.
Cyn's hair
Right: Me in September 2021 with thick, full, long, black, shiny hair.

And you can see the difference in these photos above. Over the last year my hair has gotten thicker, darker, and shinier.

And there’s more. When I met Jay, I had this annoying wrinkle between my eyebrows but since meeting him this wrinkle has faded away. I’ve literally watched it fade in the mirror with my beliefs. I’ve been super mad and looked in the mirror to see it and then started raising my energy about it.

“My skin is so smooth. My skin transforms easily. My cells love to transform into what I want.”

And I’ve seen the wrinkle fade while talking to myself in the mirror!

I’ve experienced so many changes since Jay taught me about law of attraction for beauty.

  • My waist has gotten smaller.
  • My skin has gotten smoother.
  • My booty has gotten rounder.
  • My boobs have gotten perkier.
  • My period went from horrific 9-day cramps to 5 days cramp-free.
  • My eyebrows and eyelashes have gotten thicker.
  • My legs are now naturally hairless!
  • Same thing’s happening to my lip, I no longer need to wax it.
  • I was 5’2” and a half, but I hated that ‘half-inch,’ so I shrunk myself down to an even 5’2”.
  • My lips have gotten bigger. (See pics above.)
  • My scars have gotten softer, restored most coloration, and faded ( I have old track mark scars on my arms from my heroin days that used to be hard, rough, and dark. Now they’ve faded to the point that most people don’t even notice them. I spent years hiding them, ashamed. People would see them and I would lie and say that I was in a car accident (– which I was but that’s not what they were from).
  • The calluses on my feet are softer and have faded.
  • The bumps on my upper arms are gone.
  • My pubic hair is more sparse while the hair on my head has gotten thicker.
  • My nails are thicker and grow faster.
  • My voice is softer, more feminine.
  • My teeth are whiter (without using ANY whitening products) and my teeth are stronger too and no longer hurt when I drink cold water (teeth issues are also from my heroin days).
  • Most of my skin tags have fallen off and the rest are on their way.
  • My moles have gotten smaller and lighter. (I used to have a dark ‘Marilyn Monroe’ mole on my upper lip that’s all but faded to the same color as my skin.)
  • The discoloration on my face has faded.
  • A ‘forever pimple’ I had on my cheek has almost faded away.
  • My varicose veins stopped hurting and are less bumpy, much smaller, and fading fast.
  • My spider veins on my legs have faded from purple to light pink.
  • I used to have pimples on my ass (lol) that I wasn’t able to get rid of but have disappeared.
  • My ears stick out less.
  • My nose-piercing scar is smaller and less noticeable.
  • My areolas are smaller (They were huge from my pregnancies and breastfeeding).
  • My nipples are smaller, cuter.
  • My stretch marks on my breasts, butt, shoulders, and arms have faded.

And those are really just the physical transformations. I didn’t even tell you about the mental and emotional ones.

One of the biggest transformations was my self-confidence.

Jay challenged me to post a selfie every day on my personal Instagram. The self-confidence boost this simple thing did for me was priceless. I never would have thought taking a photo of myself would improve my confidence the way it has. It was another life-changing lesson that Jay gave me.

Another is he helped me be more organized, more focused, and more positive.

All of these transformations are because of Jay.

How did I transform all of these things?

Well, how could I not? I live with an epic Law Of Attraction Teacher who has guided me and helped me to transform myself in so many ways. And now I’ve convinced him to teach others like you.

And I'm not the only one who has used the law of attraction to physically transform myself.

"When I look in the mirror and see something I don’t like, I do something about it." - Rollande

Our neighbor, Rolly is 83 years old.

Eighty-f**king-three. And she has the smoothest skin I’ve ever seen on an 83-year-old. Shit, her skin is smoother than some 50-year-olds I’ve seen. She’s the same age as my mother and her skin is so much softer, smoother, and more youthful. She literally glows.

Now Rolly would tell you her beauty secret is “not having kids or a husband.” But this is code for “doing what’s fun and feels best for her.” Kids and a husband sound like a nightmare for her, so she purposefully chose not to have either. Sitting around sedentary feels yucky to her, so she walks daily, even in bad weather. Her focus on doing what she loves, no matter what others think, is why she is relaxed, happy, and youthful. It’s a basic law of attraction principle. Her extreme youthfulness in her eighties isn’t specifically because there are no kids or husbands, but because she just does whatever makes her happy, even if it defies social convention. And this is the KEY to the law of attraction. Rolly may not call it ‘manifesting’ but it’s exactly what she’s doing. And you can do it too.

But it’s not all mental or emotional. ‘Doing what feels good’ means taking actions that feel good, and Rolly does show love to her skin regularly. She spends an hour every morning and an hour every night taking care of her skin. Without fail. Another key to her secret is consistency.

And like me, she had weight-issues when she was younger. She’s slender now, but I’ve seen old photos of Rolly, and she used to be a lot chubbier, she loved her fudge. She got tired of being chubby and decided to transform her body. She made a decision, thought positively about herself, loved herself, believed she would transform herself and she did.

I mentioned that at 83, she walks for hours daily –in her words– “whether she needs it or not.” She has done this consistently since she retired decades ago. Rolly has put in decades of walking, of exercise. This kind of consistently moving one’s body is a recipe for a great figure. Do you know who doesn’t have a great figure? The spotty, inconsistent exercisers of the world. The sedentary folk. The people who don’t BELIEVE they can transform their bodies just by walking.

“Wait, Cyn, I thought you lost weight without diet or exercise?”

I did indeed, but that doesn’t mean eating well or exercise can’t ever help or should be avoided. They helped Rolly along in her transformation, and I’ve started dancing more and added squats into my routine recently too. But only because it feels good. The ‘next step’ on your transformation journey *might* be exercise, or it might be affirmations. Everyone is different and your conscience, instinct, gut, and emotions can and will guide you to the next best step for you.

Now I exercise almost daily. The one exercise I found that works almost all the muscles in my body (and leaves me sore AF for days) is weighted squats. Jay taught me how to do them ‘intensely’ and even with the gyms being closed during lockdown I filled a backpack with weight and did them anyway.

Now, 15 minutes of intense squats every few days sound simple but if you are doing your form correctly (we didn’t in the beginning and they were too easy) you will FEEL it in your body and you will know that squats are AMAZING for your body. But other exercises might be the key for you: swimming, climbing, dancing, whatever. The most important thing is that we BELIEVE that our chosen exercise is a game-changer, and so it is!

I am also working on my abs. I never thought squats would do much for my abs but I was wrong. Holy crap, it takes core strength to squat properly. My abs have gotten tighter and so has my ass. I will have to update this section when my body is ready to show off. (Not quite yet but soon.)

And as always, it comes back to the Law Of Attraction. Because I was initially able to lose over a hundred pounds with very minimal exercise. I was eating like crap, not exercising but still losing weight. And I recently met a new friend, Becky, who did something similar, losing 25 pounds with zero changes to diet or exercise. How? The Law Of Attraction! You can change anything you want using it.

Celebs transform through law of attraction too... here's a few examples.

These people aren’t our clients, but they have used LOA to create reality.

1. Oprah Winfrey – she talks about LOA all the time. She constantly tells people that she manifested her success, her relationship, and her body transformation. 

The way you think creates reality for yourself.” – Oprah

2. Will Smith – also constantly talks about manifesting and the universe and how we are able to create whatever we want. 

Our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, our ideas are physical in the universe…if we picture something, it adds a physical thrust towards realization.” – Will Smith

3. Jim Carrey – wrote himself a 10 million dollar check when he was homeless and broke. He manifested his dream life and also openly talks about transforming himself with LOA. 

I believe in manifestation…You get it when you believe you have it.” – Jim Carrey

4. Ariana Grande – has a song about Pete Davidson. She admits to manifesting the relationship of her dreams with him. And this one shows you that it’s more important to focus on what kind of person more than the actual person that you want. She manifested him but the relationship didn’t work out. Still, she’s all about transforming herself with LOA. Have you heard how she transformed her voice? Did you see her on ‘Victorious’? She had a high pitched voice for her role as Cat and was able to sustain it for years. Now she sounds completely different because she believed she could.

“Wake up in my bed
I just wanna have a good day. Think it in my head
Then it happens how it should, ayy” -‘Just Like Magic’ by Ariana Grande

5. Lady Gaga – she’s big on affirmations. She believed that she would be a famous star and repeated it daily. And she did it! She used the LOA to become an Oscar winning, Grammy Winning, star (and I’m a huge fan!). 

It happened around 5 years ago but it’s sort of like a mantra. You repeat it to yourself every day. “Music is my life. Music is my life. The fame is inside of me. I’m going to make a number one record and the number one hit.” And it’s not yet– it’s a lie. You’re saying a lie over and over and over again but then one day, the lie is true.” – Lady Gaga

What do these celebrity examples mean?

They mean law of attraction worked for them, and can for you. These are just a few examples of how people who started out as kids very similar to the rest of us, but managed to guide their mind and practice law of attraction enough to create their dream body or career.

But only if you’re a good student, who hooks up with a good teacher.

Law of attraction needs taught & practiced.

So if you really want to manifest the life you want, and you’ve not already got the hang of it, a wise place to start, is with an epic teacher.

J-Ryze is an epic teacher. He will break down the LOA so that you can understand it. It goes way deeper than “believing in your dreams”. Let’s see the first thing that Jay will teach you…

The 10 Commandments Of Law Of Attraction.

These are the keys to manifesting that people f--k up and fail to practice most often.

Some of them are taught piece-meal here and there by others, but they’re rarely explained fully, clearly, in ways that click and let you apply them well. And worse, they’re taught, but practice is almost never properly encouraged.

1. Prioritize feeling good.

This is the heart of creating the life you want. It's what every celebrity, hero, and legend you look up to used as their guiding light to succeed in life. It's simple to learn, but takes practice to master.

"Help me J-Ryze! Teach me to prioritize feeling good."

"There are 55,000+ moments in my day, and I know I'm not 'feeling good' as much as I could be. I'm eager to learn more about this. J, please teach me."
Become A Student

2. Elevate beliefs, moods, & choices.

Not getting what you want? Check your beliefs. If your beliefs are good, your mood's probably the issue. If your mood's fine too, your choices could ryze.

"Help me J-Ryze! Teach me better beliefs, moods, & choices."

"I admit I must be doing something wrong with my beliefs, moods, or choices, and I'm open to improving them. Please teach me, J."
Become A Student

3. Take full responsibility for your life.

You know what all 8 billion humans on earth are born with? Control of, and responsibility for, their own thoughts and emotions. And our thoughts and emotions create our life, so we must take responsibility for them.

"Help me J-Ryze! How do I take responsibility for my life?"

"I know I'm in denial about some things. I know I blame external things a bit too much. I know I should take responsibility for my thoughts & feelings, but I could use a hand please."
Become A Student

4. Make your desires effortless & obvious.

If you can't see a clear path to your desire, it is *not* obvious. If you feel far from your dream, it's not effortless. Your job's to use creative methods to make them so.

"Help me J-Ryze! I'm not sure how to make my desires 'effortless.'"

"I get that if I can't see a clear path to my desires, or my dreams feel far away, that I'm not gonna manifest, but how do I change that? Please teach me."
Become A Student

5. Admit and dissolve resistance.

If you swear you're 'doing everything right,' but your dreams still aren't being realized, it's almost certainly because of hidden resistance. Admit and dissolve that resistance and watch amazing things happen.

"Help me J-Ryze! This hidden resistance is killing my dreams!"

"I really have been trying everything and Law Of Attraction just won't work for me. I'm willing to admit there's hidden resistance. Please help me uncover it."
Become A Student

6. Focus on the essence of each desire.

Law Of Attraction doesn't guarantee you get to control other people, but it will always deliver the fulfilling, satisfying 'essence' of what you want, as long as you focus on it.

"Help me J-Ryze! I think I'm not focusing on the 'essence' properly."

"I get that I can manifest by thinking generally about something, or by thinking specifically about something, but I think I'm doing it wrong. Can you help me?"
Become A Student

7. Be as judgment-free & pure-hearted as possible.

Society instills crazy levels of 'judgment' in people, so our lives ends up being the practice of releasing judgment & keeping a pure heart, so we can reach our dreams.

"Help me J-Ryze! I hate to admit it, but I judge more than I'd like."

"I admit that I judge 'sluts', the homeless, the differently abled, entrepreneurs, dreamers, astrologers, or even people with a different sleep schedule. Help me!"
Become A Student

8. Be grateful for positive and negative.

You hear this all the time, right? Because it works. But the question is, are you doing it properly? Are you doing it well? Are you sure? Or would you like to be taught better?

"Help me J-Ryze! I find it so hard to be grateful for the negative."

"How am I supposed to be grateful for losing my clients? Or for government restrictions? Or for my crappy home life? I really want to learn."
Become A Student

9. Give internally to get externally.

Rappers 'give' themselves a feeling of wealth, long before they make it big. Jim Carrey wrote himself a $10M check while financially struggling and bombing comedy sets. Give inside to get outside.

"Help me J-Ryze! I don't really know how to 'give myself' money, etc."

"I don't know how to give myself love when I'm lonely, or health when I'm sick, but I'm open to learning how. Please explain."
Become A Student

10. Replace fear with love.

Just like the first rule, this is what everyone you looked up to did. They replaced as many of the 55,000+ moments of their day with love as possible. They did it bit by bit, one moment at time, and you can too.

"Help me J-Ryze! I wish I could replace fear with love."

"There are 55,000+ moments in my day, and I know I'm not choosing love enough. I could do better. I'd love a wise teacher to help me."
Become A Student

Most people need guidance, clarification, and correction in these key areas.
Without guidance, few people make law of attraction work in their favor, and Jay can teach you how.

Jay spent years studying and applying the law of attraction. He’s been a giant failure at it AND been super successful at it too!

Ready to ryze your beauty?

Or if you want to know more, next I’m gonna tell you all about Jay’s journey with LOA.

Why should you listen to Jay? Because...

He was homeless for years.


Jay spent years TRYING to manifest himself out of homelessness. He spent years frustrated and running his business on the cold streets of Toronto. He was able to manifest a little money here and there to eat and survive.


He had knowledge but no results.

He felt like a failure.

He was trying to practice the law of attraction the entire time, but he failed hard. Jay had a lot of value to give, but he wasn’t getting it out to the world persuasively. He knew that he deserved love, respect, and wealth, but he didn’t see a path to it. He couldn’t ‘attract’ shit. And worse, no one cared enough to help him. Jay studied the law of attraction and applied what he could. He got tons of hollow advice, shallow attempts at help, and people who just didn’t ‘get’ what his problem really was. He had issues that went deeper than ‘experts’ could handle, but he wanted desperately to succeed.

Jay felt...

Alone, misunderstood, & hungry to succeed.

He felt broken down, burned out, and untethered. Like a tiny little boat adrift in the violent storm of society. He felt like every damn piece of Law Of Attraction advice he’d ever gotten was useless at best, and a scam at worst.

But his frustration of being unable to manifest what he wanted brought him to the edge of life. He decided to kill himself. But being unable to even manifest an easy way to die, he ended up finding the key secret to manifestation that was holding him back and that is probably holding you back too!

Perhaps you know the feeling? One of losing momentum, spinning your wheels, being so far from your dreams it hurts. Despite doing ‘all the right things.’ Think about it, have you ever…

Wanted to cut through all the woo-woo bullsh*t?
Wanted to manifest a 'specific person?'
Wished meditation wasn't necessary?
Become bored of affirmations?
Wondered why bad things happen to good people?
Wanted to change your physical appearance?
Felt the 'gurus' are fake AF?
Felt like there's something you're just not getting?

Jay felt all of the above, and more.

If you’ve been banging your head against a wall with all this law of attraction stuff, I know that Jay can help. The solution’s way simpler than you realize. You are capable of so many things, you just need the right teacher. Think about your favorite teachers back in school. I bet there was one that sticks out in your mind, one who really resonated with you and gave life-changing perspectives. One who made you a better, more capable human being.

Well, it’s time for you to have that feeling, and impressive results, again. And Jay can help you get it. Jay and I decided to collaborate to help YOU because we’re both natural teachers. We both have studied LOA. And we both have failed at it miserably too. We understand the frustration you may be feeling. I know what it’s like to have an epic teacher guide us to success. Jay is the greatest teacher I’ve ever met. We know that together we can help you understand the deeper nuances of LOA that you haven’t been taught before. We don’t want anyone to have to suffer the way we did. We want you to learn from what took us too long to learn.

Which is why Jay and I partnered up... Together we're...

A renegade genius & a perky pied-piper.

Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca
Cynthia "Cynshine" Moreno

J-Ryze (my teacher) and Cynshine (me – his student) are a special blend of LOA truth-bombs & bubbly vulnerability. We hand-tailor our offerings to open-minded rebels in our LOA ‘Sky’, our private Discord channel. But we’ll talk more about us later. For now, let’s focus on you.

Tired of the other LOA teachers? Good because...

You've found the 'Gucci' of Law Of Attraction teachers...

I'm not kidding.

Society has trained you into sh*tty moods & bad body-beliefs.

It’s not your fault.  Society teaches us to be obligated to family, friends, and even people who aren’t close to us. We’re trained to put others first. We’re trained to hate how we look so we buy more beauty products, diet fads, or meal plans but that’s OUTSIDE stuff.

Do you want to give your power away to something outside of yourself or would you rather be empowered and take responsibility for yourself and your body and your life? Don’t you want to be 100% in control of your life? 

Well it starts with giving the finger to all the things that society has trained you to believe and to change your beliefs right NOW! 

Take control of your life and decide to invest in yourself, decide to believe in yourself, decide to love yourself and say ENOUGH BULLSHIT! 

No longer accept what others think or say. No longer accept obligation or sacrifice your dreams to make someone else happy. 

It’s time to make yourself happy right now!

Want to know how?

Joining our group, ‘The Sky’, is the first step. By joining you have decided that you are in control of your life. By joining you take your manifestations into your own hands. By joining ‘The Sky’ you can become the bright shining light that I KNOW is inside of you.

So what is ‘The Sky’? And What will you get by joining?

Have you ever wanted a magic pill to get your dream body?

Well, I don’t have a magic pill but I have the next best thing.... J-Ryze.

He can’t do the work FOR you but he will teach you how to use LOA to transform easily, quickly, and in FUN ways. FUN is the key to ALL manifestation.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, when I first met Jay and started my transformation, he sent me a bunch of great resources to help me. I had wanted to transform my body for years. And I had a lot of weird beliefs about food and my body especially. And Jay is the person who got me to see things differently.

In fact, early on, Jay made a post on Instagram that was super helpful to me, and I will share a few of Jay’s thoughts and some of his affirmations here with you.

Jay’s view on food, his metabolism, and what he can eat.

Jay has an amazing attitude about food. From the first time we talked about food, all the way up to today when I brought this topic up.

Here’s how that went: I told him that I was going to write about his food/body beliefs. He instantly got all animated and began telling me how much he loves food, and how he can eat anything, and that his body knows what to do with all substances. He raved about how his body metabolizes food quickly and easily. How his body can handle anything. His self-talk about food is so inspiring, where mine used to be so bad. I used to beat myself up over every bite I took. But I decided to copy Jay’s food/metabolism beliefs for myself, and now I have them too.

Jay’s food attitude is an absolute treat to behold.

His core food philosophy is:

“Anything external is no match for the miraculous internal powers of my body.” – J-Ryze

He seeks out people like Wim Hof, who has taught his students to cure disease using only their internal organs, through breathwork and cold therapy, all under lab conditions. He seeks out exceptional healers like Joe Dispenza, or body transformers like Marisa Peer. Jay makes a point of finding people who ‘believe better’, and studies them.

Personally, I LOVE Jay’s beliefs about food and his body. They’re beautiful and I’d love for more people to believe in their cells like he does. He has a list of body affirmations that he shared on IG and I snagged them and wrote them on some notecards and I would say them in the mirror to myself every day. Here they are. The following was written by J-Ryze…

“Our thoughts & emotions are the most powerful tools we have because we’re consciousness in physical form.”

This means our beliefs & attitudes decide how well our bodies function. Our thoughts decide how strong or sexy we are. Or how healthy we are. In every circumstance. Under all conditions.

If something’s out of whack, there’s a belief at the root of it.

‘Cause let’s be honest, most people have shitty beliefs about their bodies. And if you’re building an empire, you can’t afford that.

Here’s a few of MY body beliefs:

  • My digestive system’s efficient.
  • My endocrine system’s a blessing.
  • My nervous system’s brilliant.
  • My cells are intelligent.
  • My cells can metabolize anything.
  • My body’s a sophisticated chemical factory.
  • It produces ANY chemical I desire, in any quantity.
  • I listen to my body’s messages & trust them.
  • My beliefs & emotions are the main factors in my body’s well-being.
  • My breathing is the second factor.
  • My body can reverse-aging.
  • Trillions of my cells are reborn all the time.
  • My body easily & consistently maintains balance.
  • My body easily creates unlimited energy for me, from the abundant oxygen around.
  • Animals love their bodies, and I love mine.

That’s probably more true, authentic, body-positivity than any reader has encountered in a long time. Possibly ever.

Jay taught me that our imaginations, our minds, can believe anything under the sun. He taught me to choose supportive, affirming body-beliefs and turn them into convictions. Once you do that, your beliefs become reality.


We can help make manifesting easier, more effective, & more fun for you.

You already have the keys to life.

But sometimes it helps to be reminded of them by an epic advisor. 

Jay will show you the 3 keys to success AND show you the #1 way to actually manifest ANYTHING you desire. 

Jay can show you how other successful people have used his secret to manifesting too without even realizing they were doing it. Aren’t you tired of “accidentally” manifesting? Don’t you want to consciously manifest EXACTLY what you desire? Jay has an easy peasy system that anyone can follow. It’s not difficult, and most importantly, it’s FUN.


Shrink Your Waist


There’s nothing wrong with wanting a smaller waist, I do! And Jay can teach you how to do it using the law of attraction. 

Grow Your Boobs


Society hasn’t taught you that you can transform ANY part of your body with LOA. Society wants you to spend tons of money, time and pain to get the boobs you want. But you deserve better. 

Jay has dedicated his life to helping people Ryze up.


I told him I wanted an hourglass body and he’s done all kinds of amazing things to help me get it. He’s taught me to transform myself but he’s done more than that. He’s been supportive, loving, caring, and helpful. He sends me articles, videos, photos, IG posts, memes, and anything that he thinks can inspire my transformation because he knows how DEEPLY it matters to me. He knows that I’ve been wanting to manifest the body of my dreams since I was a child. And he loves me so much he made me this AMAZING hourglass page to help me and inspire my transformation. https://jryze.me/hourglass/ – and if you’re interested in getting a similar body shape, or ANY other body shape than the one you have, you definitely should read that page. It’s a great first step to body transformation.

Jay may look young, but he's been doing this for a long time.

0 +
Beliefs Changed
Celebrity Client

You might think I'm the only one he's helped transform. You might think it's because we're partners that I'm saying all this but that's not true. Jay has helped MANY people transform their bodies, their business, their entire life. Let me show you...

Here's students showing love.

Evan Carmichael

Want to see even more praise for J-Ryze?

Click the button to see an entire page of almost a hundred rave reviews, including a video testimonial from Evan Carmichael! He’s actually helped a lot more than this, but so many people praise Jay in one day, we don’t have space to show them all. So we collected the best 100 for you here.

Here's people praising both of us, & our learning group.


Amy Mehta Parmar

Your support has been awesome. Like being re-parented the right way!



Dianne McRae

Thanks for everything you guys do. I made the same sales in a week that I used to in a month. I can’t imagine having a better coaching experience. I can’t praise you and Cynthia enough.



Monika Gonzalez

I have never seen anything like this before! You two are ahead of your time! I’m telling you! I love it! I have never been in love with a couple before but now there is a first time for everything! lol


Mike Lamothe

This is how you SOAR: You meet J, have a brief convo, and BAM! Life changes! In the first 2 months of working with J, I was able to sell my side hustle for 2x annual sales & launch a new coaching biz. After another 3 months I was able to quit my day job and go all in on my new biz! He’s the Yoda of Mindset for a reason. Dude can ryze anything!

And there's a 100+ more testimonials available.

All these people discovered J-Ryze early. And whoever discovers our Law Of Attraction ‘Sky’ early gets huge value for a minimal investment. They get “some ‘Gucci’ for a song.” That’s just the way the world works. Early bird gets the worm. Will that be you?

Jay and I know that you might want to get to know us better before you join ‘The Sky’. And we love that…so let’s talk about us a little bit more. 

Ready to ryze your beauty?

...Jay and I have been through some sh*t.

 But we’re better for it. It taught us how to manifest and transform ourselves so that we can be our best selves and so that we can help others who feel lost, alone, afraid, confused, or just want help.

What do you get if you cross Jesus with jay-Z?

Jay is as comfortable turning the other cheek as he is talking money, women, and culture. He stands for truth, wisdom, and love. But he also spent years hustling while homeless, and honing his street-smarts in Toronto. Read his story.


Who says boss babes can't be busty?

Cyn was born with a magnetic personality. She's fair, flirty, and fun to be around. She knows beauty is a blessing and encourages people to tap into their own. But she had to overcome years of heroin-addicted self-hate to get here. Read her story.


J-Ryze's Story

Five minutes with Jay & you'll feel transformed.

Jason ‘J-Ryze’ Fonceca began as a child genius. Then life humbled him, hard. He went from ace-ing gifted classes to a homeless, depressed, suicidal failure. He lost his girlfriend, best friend, & family. Eventually, he pulled himself out of despair by helping Evan Carmichael build a huge empire. Then wrote the world’s first self-help coffee-table book. Now he runs an exclusive Discord channel for beautiful rebels. His clients call him the ‘belief-ninja’, ‘mindset-yoda’, and the ‘best mentor ever’. He lives in Toronto, has read thousands of books, and freely admits to loving porn. (gasp!)


Cyn's Story

Five minutes with Cyn & you'll feel supported.

Cyn was the ‘nerdy girl’ in school, always hungry for more information. But she was fat-shamed & bullied, and turned to heroin to soothe her loneliness. She lost her job, home, kids, and possessions, lashing out at everyone… until she met J-Ryze. He wasn’t scared by her self-hate, and helped her get clean & love herself, without judgment. Now she runs The Sky with Jay and her mission is to meet 8 billion people and connect with the right ones so she can help them transform too! (And you might be one of them!)

Together we're...

Rum & coke:
A perfect blend.

Actually, Jay’s more like Vodka, and I’m more like cranberry.

Jay delivers loving truths but they’re pure, intense, and a real wake-up call for your mindset.

Meanwhile, I mix in a pleasant delight, helping you get that good-good soul-buzz without the 40-proof shock.

Want to know what J-Ryze is like as a teacher? Check out the video below to get a FREE LOA lesson.

Play Video about LOA_Explained_Thumb_PINK


I'm not kidding. When I say zero, I mean zero.

Jay’s had people reveal their freaky fetishes. He’s had them confess to crimes. He’s had them betray him, doubt him, hate him, blame him. He’s had everything and wasted it. He’s failed insanely hard. He’s walked out of interviews, He’s separated from family. He’s been evicted, jailed, homeless and suicidal. Unlike all the other teachers with a ‘pure’ history… Nothing you’ve thought or done is as dark and bad as what he’s seen. Trust me when I say, Jay judges no one. And even the best influencers you can name, –save Sadhguru I guess– can’t give you the acceptance and non-judgment Jay does.


Clear, Fast Wisdom

Most 'gurus' waste your time.

Most ‘experts’ take 30 minutes, just to give you 5 minutes worth of wisdom. They talk ‘from experience’ about what works ‘for them.’ They do NOT talk about what works for YOU. Jay is better. Jay gives deeper, clearer, more satisfying insights to you in less time. Period. And the passion in his delivery is palpable. He may say “like” too many times, but you’ll walk away from his speech a smarter, wiser, better equipped person who feels in control and bigger than whatever LOA problem you arrived with.

Distilled growth

Jay helped Evan grow a 3M subscriber mega-brand in ~10 years.

Jay helped me do full splits in 9 days. Jay helped uplift Amy’s beliefs about ‘selling’ in a 40-min. writing exercise. Jay helped Lisa make her first dollar in a single 10-min. conversation.

Whatever issue you bring to us, Jay will sky-rocket your growth far beyond what you imagined… and all you have to do is be open-minded & co-operate.

Mindset Adrenalin

When Jay teaches it's adrenalin for your mind, your soul.

I mean it. He’s not satisfied unless the solutions he’s offering click. Jay makes a point of speaking truths that vibe right & resonate to your core. They’ll get you fired up and out of your chair, doing shit that matters. He can’t stand hollow words, canned answers, or fluff. Most influencers giving you advice just want clicks, views, and ad dollars, but we DGAF about that stuff. Jay cares about your growth. He insists on real growth produced from what he offers, or there’s no point in him even talking.


Other gurus won't critique you, because they want your money.

Most experts are needy & greedy for your clicks. They care more about ‘their numbers’ than they do about speaking the truth. They’re almost like politicians, trying to get every vote and ruffle no feathers. Not J-Ryze though. He’ll happily critique you. Well, not you, exactly, because he loves and believes in you. But he will criticize the choices you make, the actions you take, and the attitudes you bring. Because criticism isn’t a bad thing. It’s just another word for feedback, and quality feedback is insanely valuable. And the only way anyone gets better is with pure, real, honest, sincere, clear, truthful feedback. And Jay’s feedback is the best. Period.



Most LOA teachers hate, avoid, or reject pop culture.

They might know a tiny handful of basics: Game Of Thrones, Lady Gaga, Oprah, and that’s about it. Jay’s different. He’s watched 1000s of TV series, listened to 100,000+ songs, and read millions of words. Not to mention the countless creations he’s made across many disciplines. He has an incredible taste for beauty, artistry, and commerce and believes they can play a helpful role for manifestors in our content-driven world.

BUT Jay isn't for everyone. He's been known to piss some people off (me included, lol).

We want to be 100% clear with you about what you will be getting when you sign up with us. Here's a few things that have pissed others off about Jay...

Play Video about J-Ryze_Demo_Reel_Image_Overlay_PINK

Here's a few of the main ones...

A. Jay won't do anything he doesn't want to.

Seriously. Whether it's refusing to eat a bowl of macaroni, walking out of interviews, or telling major clients to screw off... Jay only does what he wants and doesn't compromise. Most of society is so trained to obey authority and capitulate to 'obligation,' so they often 'go nuts' when they realize Jay doesn't play by their rules. If this bothers you, we suggest you check-out more wishy-washy, tame, bland teachers.

B. Jay sometimes interrupts people.

Jay believes in getting results for his students, fast. That means no wasting time. That means if a student's problem is 'I can't manifest money', and they want to spew for an hour about their childhood in order to 'feel heard', Jay will cut them off. He doesn't believe it takes years of therapy to help someone manifest money. Once Jay understands the problem, he'll say so, and move on to the solution. If you're not cool with that, we suggest you seek out slower growth from teachers who take forever to get to the point.

C. Jay's a literal genius who's often right.

In grade 6, Jay was officially tested with an IQ over 150, and placed in a 'gifted institution,' Churchill Heights Public School. He then graduated to another 'gifted school', Woburn Collegiate Institute. He then dedicated his life to "understanding as much as possible." He's a speed-reader who's read obscene amounts of books and written millions of words, spanning most subjects you can think of. This doesn't mean he's perfect. It doesn't mean he doesn't make mistakes. But just like you'd better have your ducks in a row before challenging a black-belt to a fist-fight, you also better have your ducks in a row if you're going to challenge Jay in conversation. A black-belt doesn't humbly pretend he's not a great martial artist, and J-Ryze doesn't humbly pretend he's not mega-smart. If you can't recognize & respect someone smarter, we suggest you play it safe with 'standard' teachers.

D. Jay thinks humility is overrated.

Jay sees 'being humble' as something society has way too much of. If Beyoncé calls herself a 'good singer', it's fine. If Mark Cuban calls himself 'good at business' it's fine. Proclaiming our gifts is the right thing to do. As a child Jay was cocky and conceited, then life humbled him through 2+ years of homeless hell. Jay's played both sides of the coin, and knows there's a time and a place for both. But the majority of people need to stop keeping themselves so small with their 'humble' self-talk. If you're good at something, you don't have to go as far as claiming you're the best like Jay does, but at least own it. If this irks you, we suggest finding some other chump 'teacher' who won't get you fast results.

E. Jay loves sex & the female form.

If you can't see, appreciate, love, respect, savor, enjoy, and celebrate feminine curves, smoothness, radiance, etc., you probably won't get along with Jay. If you don't understand how all humans have masculine and feminine value inside them, but certain people can choose to express high degrees of feminine beauty, and be desirable and attractive for doing so, we're not a fit. If you're not comfortable with Playboy, PornHub, or Polyamory, Jay's not the teacher for you. If you're a prude, we suggest you not sign up for 'The Sky' because we talk about all of this and more.

If you're cool with this stuff, you may be able to take advantage of an incredible Law Of Attraction teacher.


The quirks above are nothing compared to how damn cool Jay is.

Although Jay avoids humility, he also doesn’t like to brag much about his *many* talents besides his teaching-skills… but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them. Jay has an abundance, and has lived a truly interesting life. This section will give you a few tidbits.


J-Ryze Is...

Truth-Bombs 99%
Insight 87%
Efficiency 83%
Passion 91%
Artistry 79%

Jay can karaoke 'Godzilla' by Eminem

"I could swallow a bottle o' alcohol and I'll feel like Godzilla..."

Explains business success in 1 phrase.

A single, thirteen-word sentence sums up business success in the simplest terms possible.

Illustrated 'Built To Serve' by Evan...

Evan Carmichael's best-selling book has Jay's name in the front cover.

He's a renaissance-man & polymath.

I've lost track of all the disciplines he excels at.

Ran his biz while homeless for 2+ years.

It sucked, but made him stronger, wiser, and more humble.

Interviewed from a subway platform.

He had to cover the mouth-piece whenever a train passed.

Instant momentum on any topic.

If you bring Jay a sincere problem or question, he can instantly get you headed towards solutions.

Effectively plays all champs in League.

League Of Legends has 150+ champs. Jay can play all of them fairly well.

Photoshop & re-touch wizard.

He's retouched many model's photos, and held 11 art exhibitions of his printed & digital works.

He's never met an art he was bad at.

Painting, writing, graphics, web design, coding, DJing, song-writing, choreography, etc.

Has transformed over 10,000 beliefs.

For himself and others, including some incredibly stubborn ones on health, wealth, and love.

Coded a 3-level game prototype.

In 3 months, without ever having used Unity before.

Received an official 'spirit award'...

...from York University, despite not attending a single class there.

So you’re cool with Jay and me. You see how we can help you…and you’re thinking but “I’ve invested in learning LOA or I’ve watched so much LOA and manifestation content…but I’m still having a rough time and I’m still not sure…”

Ok, sounds good. But I've done what the 'gurus' have told me to, but I keep wondering...

...where's my damn transformation?"

I know it’s frustrating that you’ve not transformed and maybe you wonder if we can help you because those gurus didn’t do shit. But they didn’t tell you this part…

And This might sound weird but...

Your transformation is hiding.

So many of us have been taught to hide our problems.

No one has encouraged you to express your frustrations.

Parents, teachers, gurus. All of them have encouraged you to ‘be positive’, and ‘keep smiling’, and ‘shake it off’, and ‘keep moving forward.’ They do this because they selfishly want a calm environment, at the cost of your expression. But that’s all bullshit. Because when you have an issue, that’s life saying “hold on, slow down, chill for a second”. It’s life telling you “the path forward is here”, hidden in this unpleasant feeling.” Basically, life is saying “don’t run from this, repress this, hide this, or bury this.” Life is saying “stay with this, dig into to this, learn from this, bring this out into the light.” Hiding your problems is toxic positivity.

Most gurus will tell you you’re not transforming because of your ‘discipline’, ‘schedule’, or ‘focus’. And while these things all play a role, you often can’t access them even if you want to. Because they’re buried underneath years of conditioning. Your dream body is hidden in the questions you’ve yet to express. It’s in the changes you delay making. It’s in the problems you’ve never consciously acknowledged. It’s in the LOA-practice you’ve avoided.

You could transform fast & go far, but...

Toxic positivity is holding you back.

And it’s not your fault. Society has trained you to paint a happy face on things. It comes from our culture’s constant obsession with positivity. As kids we learn that faking friendliness, agreeability, or happiness is a path to getting our needs met, so we use it often.

And we don’t just fake positive feelings. We fake positive understandings too. We learn that asking questions makes us look like we don’t “get it”. We worry about “looking dumb”, or unknowledgeable. And so, we learn to ‘smile and nod’ when hearing new information. Interestingly, this works for a while. People seem to like us. So we latch on to the label that we’re “positive people”. We make it habitual, unconscious, and automatic.

And bam, we instantly lose access to one of life’s most precious gifts. Negative emotions. You didn’t come to earth to have constant positive emotions. And you definitely didn’t come to repress your true feelings.

You came to get in tune with yourself. You came to be authentic. You came to show others the real you, even if it’s temporarily ‘negative.’ Because by doing so, you gain momentum and grow.

And this only ever works if you let go of toxic positivity. It only works if you actually vent your frustrations and ask questions in a safe space. This is ‘natural’, and it’s what you did when you were a youngster.

Real law of attraction mastery means embracing, accepting, and deftly navigating every single emotion that exists, and every single belief you hold. It’s a life-long practice, and one that goes way smoother and easier with a valuable mentor helping you along.

The best teacher around is being offered to you...

But you've got to act now.


Because every moment that passes with you not understanding law of attraction and how to manifest conciously, is a moment that you’re attracting bad beliefs, heavier moods, and poor choices. And these ‘negatives’ are stacking up, bit-by-bit, like someone sneaking extra calories into your food. We don’t notice these subtle things latching onto us, but they make life harder and heavier.

Not understanding law of attraction lets society sneak so many issues onto you, that when you finally get around to sorting things out, you’ve a mountain of work to do, and it feels daunting or impossible. So then you shrink from the task, go back to living on auto-pilot, and the cycle continues, leaving you even worse off than when you started.

If you don’t act now, you might as well be choosing never. Because you’re consciously choosing to make your dreams farther, and your journey harder.

We both know you’re smarter than that.


So I’ve given you a taste of what Jay and I are like and why you haven’t been able to manifest, yet.  I’mma give you even more of what we can offer you. Another ‘taste’ that will help you manifest..

Better than a thousand days of diligent study, is one day with a great teacher.
Japanese Proverb
Ready to ryze your beauty?

Here's Jay's 3 steps to manifest anything.

(knowing the steps isn't enough, they take practice.)

Although Jay’s studied hundreds of Law Of Attraction teachers, his favorite is Abraham-Hicks. He’s studied Abe by far the most, and was able to use their process to help him get out of homelessness and work with big names like Evan Carmichael. They teach their own ‘3 steps’ to manifestation (later expanded to 5), but Jay finds Abraham’s steps a bit confusing and impractical, so he teaches ‘3 Practical Steps’ to manifest what you want. 

These steps are simple to learn, but take effort to master.

(I go much deeper into this in my article 3 Simple Steps To Manifest Anything,)

If you aren’t willing to apply yourself to them with joy (not ‘grinding’) your manifesting and transformation will go nowhere. It’s kind of like knowing that to win a basketball game you have to a) dribble the ball, b) pass the defenders, c) get close the other team’s hoop, and d) sink the ball into the opposing basket. Knowing the steps doesn’t help much without practice and a coach teaching you the nuances of how to execute them.

Jay’s written a ton of content to help you. Here’s a few amazing resources to help you learn how to manifest what you want.


Enough with the woo-woo philosophy. Enough with the hoops to jump through. Enough with the confusion. It’s time for real, practical, LOA results.


Am I even meant to have an hourglass bod? Don’t we live in a body-positive society? Isn’t hourglass just slutty? All these answered and more.


All beliefs are NOT created equal. Are you even sure you have good ones? How would you know? This post explains that and how to improve yours.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.
Bruce Lee

Wow, you give so many free resources. And I'm loving it all... but please say more about the group?

Joining the Sky not only gets you access to Jay and helps you manifest your dream life, but you will also be part of a group of high vibing manifesting superstars!

You will be one of a group of unique and elite people who can manifest anything they desire at will. IF you do the work.
And something else will happen when you click that buy button and join the group… you will FEEL better. Because you KNOW you’ve invested in yourself and taken the first step to manifest the life of your dreams.

You will KNOW you are well on your way to having all your worries disappear because you’ve taken ACTION to improve your life and that will feel AMAZING.

Here's exactly what we are offering you!


Basically we're...

Offering a 'LOA Learning Group' that... cares 'too much.'

We call it ‘The Sky’, because rebels who join become stars of our ‘sky.’ We’re a community that truly cares. Most groups waste your time. If they cared about you, they wouldn’t. Most groups just tell you “what worked for them”, if they cared they’d teach you what works for you. Most groups suck at feedback, guidance, & clarity. They either avoid real-talk so they don’t scare your wallet away, or they give ‘lessons’ that are just judgment-in-disguise. If they cared they give you the truth, always. ‘The Sky’ is different. It’s pure, distilled mentoring. It’s instant momentum & teachings tailored to you. It’s top-tier feedback offered with love, not judgment. Our only agenda is to help you ryze… because we care.

What do we mean by 'caring too much?'

We mean we’re not perfect. We’re people, just like you, and we make mistakes. And our most common mistakes are: 1. Investing too much into someone who’s not ready and not willing to grow. (over-helping)  2. Expecting others to care as much as we do, because we’re so used to caring deeply. (naïveté)  3. Taking people at their word too much, even though they won’t back it up with action (over-trusting). And it’s all good, we’re focused on improving these things, but in the mean-time, these things mean that even at our worst, we’re simply caring “too much”, and in a world of rebels who are massively under-valued, under-loved, and under-cared for… that’s a win for you.


You've probably joined Discord servers before...

…and not had the best experience. Chances are they did one or more of the following:

They don't pay attention to you.

We offer true listening & focused attention.

Their content is weak.

We deliver wise, deep, empowering content.

They're full of useless spam.

We offer a private, exclusive group, so spam is non-existent.

They don't "get" you.

We care about & love understanding you.

So how does the group work?

It depends on what package you sign-up for.

Firefly-Level just gives you access to the Friday Livestream Lectures (plus the content archives). We affectionately call a single session a ‘RyzeSesh.’ 

Star-Level gives you the weekly RyzeSeshes, plus a weekly zoom call, DM and Email interaction with Cynshine on things that matter to you.

Sun-Level gets you a weekly zoom call with both Jay and Cyn and personal interaction with Jay on your specific problems. He’ll guide you through manifesting what you want together, and we’ll make it easy and fun, because that’s how life’s meant to be. It’s a simple 3-step process. First, you bring Jay a Law Of Attraction problem. Then, you listen & deeply understand Jay’s teachings. Finally, you apply whatever conclusions or solutions you’ve arrived at together. Voila, progress.

We then repeat that for any other issues until you’ve manifested what you want.

Here’s a video of one student, Lisa, who said she wanted to manifest more abundance.

So in about 40min. Jay not only taught and demonstrated for her the basics of manifesting abundance, but he also ‘held her hand’ as he insisted she practice. And not just once, he had her practice four times during the conversation to make sure it ‘clicked’ for Lisa. In this video you can see right before your eyes how Lisa’s ‘gratitude practice’ improves drastically in belief, mood, and energy from the first session, to the fourth.

Jay was a light, a bridge, and a guide for Lisa into unfamiliar territory. At the start she was hesitant and on shaky ground regarding how to truly practice gratitude, how to ‘manage her mood’, and how to ‘raise her energy’, but by the end she had gotten the hang of it, and you can too.

You deserve a light to show the way.

J-Ryze Is A Light
Jay is that light. No, not in a biblical sense, but in a "He's passionate about shining a light on key insights society has failed to deliver" sense. Jay loves illuminating solutions to things that trouble people. He loves teaching.

You deserve a bridge over any gap.

Jay is that bridge. Most people are eager to get from where they are, to where their dream life is, but paralyze because they can’t see a clear path. One chat with Jay will bridge you closer to where you want to be.

You deserve a guide on your journey.

Jay is that guide. Today, much of the world gets their guidance from social media. The question is, is it helping you? And if not, isn't it time you had a real guide helping you along? Jay can help you avoid pitfalls and take shortcuts.

If everything you've read sounds good to you...

You may feel ready to join.

And that’s great! We’ve poured a lot of love into the ‘Sky’, and we’re as excited to have you there learning along with us.

But there's a catch.

You may not be a fit for us...

And that last one is a big deal-breaker because...

Excuses drain your soul.

Every single excuse you make pokes a hole in your dreams. If someone tries to help you, and you just make excuses… bam, hole poked. If you know the right thing to do, but side-step it with excuses… more holes poked. If you’re given gifts, but make excuses to avoid using them… your dream’s now “swiss cheese.” There’s zero room for excuse-makers in our pack.

Ready to ryze your beauty?

A heartfelt message from J-Ryze.

“Hi, I’m J-Ryze.

And I want you to have whatever happiness, intimacy, and beauty you desire.

But they say beauty’s in the eye of the beholder.

And while that may be true, the feeling of being beautiful is something that happens in your heart and mind, not in any beholder’s.


If you feel more beautiful with a different body shape, you deserve to get it.

If you feel more beautiful with different decorations or fashion, you deserve to have them.

If you feel more beautiful with extra attention or praise, life can deliver that to you.

Basically, feeling beautiful is your birthright.

And since I was little I’ve studied the nuances of physical beauty, as well as taught women in my life to manifest elevated beauty for themselves.

And I’d love to help you reach whatever vision of beauty you have for yourself.

Beauty is a divine gift to all of humanity, and I deeply cherish and respect anyone who pursues it or shares it with others.

And if you’re reading this, that includes you.

So thank you.

Thank you for blessing the world with your beauty.

Looking forward to seeing what we accomplish together.



"But your honor, I object!"

Hey, I totally understand if you have objections.

And I wouldn’t want you joining anything you object to, so let’s see if I can soothe a few of the main ones people have.

I'm seriously having trouble taking beauty tips from a man.

Then you’re probably gonna have trouble manifesting much at all.

Half the globe is male, and if you don’t think there’s brilliant wisdom and beauty-mastery hiding somewhere in that 3.5 billion people, you’re hugely limiting yourself.

In fact, many photographers are male and create stunning works of beauty. Many plastic surgeons are male, and create lots of dream bodies for women. If you’d be comfortable working with either of those types, you’d be smart to view J-Ryze similarly.

Here’s three more reasons worth considering:

1. Jay isn’t deciding what’s beautiful for you, he’s happy to teach you law of attraction to achieve whatever you want. Manifest a sumo-wrestler physique, a Twiggy-physique, or whatever blend you’d like in-between.

2. I’ll emphasize what I said above — you’d be wise to listen to anyone who’s dedicated their life to the study of beauty, man, woman, non-binary, or otherwise.

3. You get two perspectives when you join, mine is included. Hopefully it’s clear that I’m female (me).

And let’s dig a bit deeper here. Who do you think has studied beauty, the female form, and the way a woman looks more, Jay or myself? You might think me because I’m a woman, but you’d be wrong.

First, Jay is obsessed with beauty in all forms. He’s worked with and studied models more than most people. He’s studied bodybuilders, dancers, and more. He was obsessed with the female form as a kid and had his room plastered with photos of half-naked women. He also had a career as a photo-retoucher for photographers & models. He was paid to make people look better. He unashamedly admits to loving porn and has studied the way a woman looks deeper than I ever have.

Here’s a quick sample of J-Ryze beautifying women in a ‘past life’ as a Photo-Retoucher.

Play Video about Retouch_Video_Quinn_Thumb

Now don’t get me wrong, I put a lot of love and care into my wardrobe, skincare, and body maintenance. And yes, I love to look at a sexy naked woman, but I don’t study them like Jay does. (Actually, for years I ignored them because they made me feel bad about being fat, until Jay showed me the magic of studying beauty.)

Jay has also studied (and practiced) manifestation and law of attraction deeply. He knows all the nuances of the subject. So that, combined with his knowledge of women’s bodies, combined with my ‘female perspective’ makes us the perfect people to help you. (Not to mention he’s gone decades with sublime health, even in his homeless years, without so much as a cold, no matter what he eats or how sedentary he chooses to be.)

I understand that you might feel uncomfortable with a man because of past sexual trauma you may have experienced but if that’s the case then you won’t be transforming any time soon anyway, whether your coach is male or female. Why? Because until you move past that trauma, your cells will continue to hold onto the appearance you have now. They’ll do this to continue ‘protecting’ you from past fears & traumas you have deep down inside. I mean it. It’s super hard to transform with trauma held in your body.

Please understand this isn’t a judgment, just a fact. I had some pretty intense CST myself, and I had to move on from that past sexual trauma before I could transform too.

(Jay can help you with that too, IF you’re open to it. And he also says getting rid of trauma isn’t *always* necessary for manifestation, but that a lot of people let their trauma hold back their manifestations.)

But nothing can change genetics!

That’s an old, traditional, limited understanding of things. Science has come along way and they no longer believe genetics are so limiting.

“If I come from a super-skinny family, there’s no way I can be curvy.”

“I have a ‘condition’, so my physique will never change.”

“If I come from an overweight family, there’s no way I can be slim.”

I hear these things from a lot of women, and as soon as I do, I know they’ve got a long way to go to create the life they want.

Because if you’re telling yourself you CAN’T do something guess what? You’re right you can’t. But if you believe that you CAN then you WILL. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” – Henry Ford

The truth is your cells can do just about anything.

Surely you’ve scraped your knee and your body healed it? Or you got a splinter and your body pushed it out on its own? Or you’ve healed from surgery? Or you’ve changed drastically since you were a child? Or something similar, yes?

These are examples of your cells doing what they do and transforming your body. It was on a ‘small’ level, and you probably took it for granted, but that’s what was happening. Maybe you just ‘knew’ your cuts and bruises would heal?? Well, that was you BELIEVING in your cells. Your belief made it happen.

My cousin had an open wound on her elbow years ago. It was taking months to heal. She kept saying “It’s on my elbow so it won’t heal. It won’t get better because of where it is.”

So I gave her some Sudecrem (it’s a diaper rash cream found in Canada and Europe), and I told her it was “specifically for healing cuts in weird places like her elbow or knee.” Back then I had no idea about the LOA, or the placebo effect, but I knew this… if she just shut up about it, it would heal. I was right of course. Within a week the open wound had closed and it was healing nicely. In two weeks it was just a scar.

What had been ‘impossible’ for her became a ‘miracle cure’ once she chose to believe.

Our cells WANT to transform. They WANT to be what we desire. ‘Genetics’ is a lame reason to believe you can’t transform. Don’t believe in weakness or limitation for your body. Instead believe in it’s miraculous, unlimited power. Why? Because of some science shit Jay knows, I can’t tell you more because science bores me to tears.

The point is this…

Do you want to be a victim to your DNA? Do you want to be a victim to outside influences? Or do you want to put on your big girl panties and take control of your life?

Do you want to let some strands of internal biology dictate if you’re too skinny? Or too fat? Or flatchested? For you entire life? Or do you want to f**king evolve and create your own reality? Here’s one more ‘belief wins, genetics loses’ example for you, this time on breast-size.

I have two daughters. Daughter A was ashamed of my boobs. She wore a bra all the time and actively prayed for a small chest because of how men stared at my bountiful bosom. Daughter A got what she believed, and wears an A-cup now. Daughter B on the other hand, loved my big boobs. She actively wanted to be stared at the way I was. Not surprisingly, she wears a DDD cup now. Two daughters, two beliefs, two results.

They both have my genetics but both of them have the chest size they BELIEVED they could have. And you can too. Don’t be a victim to your biology, or your ancestors. They both want to help you. Your cells AND your ancestors want you to be happy but realizing it is up to YOU.

But Jay has thick glasses, why doesn't he just manifest perfect vision? Or better teeth?

Don’t worry, he will.

They’re both on his list, but he’s busy getting this web page ready, helping all the new students coming aboard, and teaching that we all manifest things that are the highest priority for us at any given time. Jay can see and speak just fine, so they’re not a pressing issue that requires his focus.

Remember, I convinced him to start offering this service because of what he did for *my* body-transformation, not his own.

I'm getting mixed messages on
diet and exercise?

Let’s put this to rest once and for all.

The only thing that matters is what you really, truly, believe matters.

Most people really, truly believe that diet and exercise matter. For those people, yes, diet and exercise matter, exactly as their beliefs enforce.

A handful of humans believe diet and exercise are paltry and irrelevant compared to their cells, their metabolism, their digestion, and so on. For those people, diet and exercise don’t matter, and they can eat and live basically however they want, yet maintain a nice physique.

If you want to prove this to yourself, you can do so through experiments or research, it’s not too difficult. If you don’t believe it, you’re probably not a fit for law of attraction work.

Want to know where you stand? Try this for a test. Ask yourself…

Do you believe Reese Chocolate Cups and Diet Coke will keep you fat? Or do you believe they will help you lose weight?

Whatever you believe is true.

I believed they were unhealthy and keeping me fat, so they were. My daughter believed that she could eat anything and stay slim and she did. Girl could out-consume me ANY day. She’s obsessed with food and still maintains her low bodyweight.

If two people sit down to eat, one will have better emotions than the other about the meal.

How are you FEELING before you sit down to eat? Are you feeling guilty that you’re eating carbs or sugar? Or are you feeling happy and blessed that you have an abundance of food?

And based on the above what choices are you making? Are you ‘sneaking’ food in the middle of the night like I used to? Are you hiding candy in your purse from your kids or your spouse so they don’t make you feel bad for eating it? What are you choosing to eat? Are you choosing to workout? Are you choosing to FEEL good and believe no matter your movement or diet that you can have the body of your dreams?

Or are you feeling, believing, and choosing the opposite?

Body-transformation is ALL ABOUT YOUR Beliefs, Moods, and Choices!

How come all Jay’s testimonials are
about biz, not beauty?

I’m totally blushing, because this one’s on me.

See, Jay is a lovely and amazing partner.

He’s agreed to pivot our business a few (ok, way too many) times at my insistence. But before I got involved, he mainly helped entrepreneurs for years. In fact, when we started collaborating we were helping them together.

But I noticed something interesting.

Whenever Jay helps ANYONE, with ANYTHING, he ultimately ends up teaching them law of attraction principles to get what they want. Whether that be a more wealth or a better bod.

And I FEEL deep down in my SOUL that women WANT to transform their appearance more than anything. And here I was partnered up with someone who transformed mine.

So I asked Jay to niche down and pivot our business once again. (Imagine the guts it took for me to ask him to pivot for a 5th time in two years, then imagine the guts it took for him to say yes.)

And that’s why his years of testimonials aren’t beauty-focused. We’ll have to start gathering them again, but it’s basically a gimme, as good as done. And either way, I’m thrilled to be able to help women transform the way I did.

And I couldn’t have done it without Jay.

(Plus he’s helped every girlfriend of his in the past transform their bodies too but… uh, it felt a bit awkward to go ask them each for a testimonial years later.)

Why doesn't Jay just manifest wealth from thin air and not run a business?

Jay doesn’t claim to be a master of law of attraction, (though he has manifested some amazing things and considers himself ‘above average’ at it.) What he does claim to be is a natural-born teacher.

He proudly claims to be a talented teacher, able to explain and clarify many concepts jaw-droppingly well. And especially in helping people transform their bodies. That’s what he did for me, and what he’d like to do for you.

We’re all here on earth to do what we’re passionate about, what we’re called towards, and the economy loves flowing dollars to people who do so, you included. If you help or serve people, and commit to doing it ‘like a full-time job’… it makes logical, economical, earthly sense for you to be compensated for doing so, right? Hopefully you extend the same logic, good will, and courtesy to others doing similarly.

I'm scared I might just waste my money.

Then I’ve got a treat for you. Check out our guarantee below.

One more thing to sweeten the deal, imagine...

...can you return a gym-workout?

If you join a gym, use the equipment, lose weight, and learn from the trainers… can you ‘return’ those improvements? Not really. Even if you cancel your membership and quit the gym, that fitness-growth is yours, permanently. The same thing happens when you join The Sky. Once you’ve received our input and guidance… it’s yours. It lives in your mind, & makes you a better person for the foreseeable future. If a person doesn’t get results from our advice, it’s almost always because they failed to apply it. Kind of like someone who only works out a couple times a year. Thing is, you can’t ‘return’ wisdom, the same way you can’t ‘return’ a gym membership. But since we’re so confident in what we offer, we still offer you a money-back guarantee. Which means there’s zero risk for you. 

If you aren’t happier, feeling more confident, and making progress toward manifesting your dream life we will give you your money back.

If you don’t agree that Jay is an EPIC teacher and can help you change your life then we will give you your money back.

If you hate the way we talk, if you hate our topics, if you hate us in general then we will give you your money back.

Why would we do that?

Because we KNOW you can manifest easier and with more confidence with Jay’s help.  Because I know that Jay is life-changing IF you are ready to apply what he teaches and you’re receptive to what he’s saying and you accept that HE IS A MASTERFUL LOA TEACHER. 


If you read this far, chances are The Sky (with J-Ryze and Cynshine) is the learning group for you. Become one of our stars because..

It’s time for your path to light up. It’s time for confusion to dissolve. It’s time to reclaim control of you biz, relationships, and health. Your time is now, because…

The Beauties shall inherit the earth.

And I don’t even mean that as a cliche or some weird bible reference. I mean it for real. Almost literally. Because since Jay was a kid he’s had a dream.

J-Ryze dreams of building a new city for beauty.

A new culture. A new way of life. The same way we replace old appliances & ancient smartphones when it's time to upgrade... I believe it's time we do that with our cities, systems, and culture.

It seems obvious to him that our world needs this.

But ditching the old in favor of the new can cause growing pains for some. Those who are comfortable in their bubbles, who clutch on to ego, or seek tradition rather than evolve… are not a fit for this dream.

So we teach a new way of thinking.

Whether you’re a mom, a gamer, artist, pornstar, coder, ceo, rapper —whatever— as long as you want to live life deliberately manifesting a more beautiful world, we’re psyched to help you.



For Our Self-Learners To Manifest More Solo
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  • Front Row Seat To Weekly Live Seminar Broadcast
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It’s natural to have questions. The next section should answer any outstanding ones.

We teach you clearer, faster, and better than any other teacher. Often with emotive visuals, analogies that click, and rock-solid logic.

We amplify your learning, progress, and growth in any area that matters to you.

The same way a great chef can cook any cuisine, a great teacher can teach you anything about life.

Basically we broaden your horizons, make you aware of blind-spots, and super-size your momentum. #TogetherWeRyze

Our teachings are clearer. Our insights are deeper. Our lessons are faster. Our cost is cheaper.

If you have an open mind, listen actively, and apply the wisdom we offer, you’ll ryze sky-high in your life and biz. Period.

We have an entire page dedicated to explaining the J-Ryze difference, here: https://jryze.me/difference/

Once you’re a member of ‘The Sky’, our exclusive, underground community of beauty rebels…

Our process goes like this: You ask. We answer. Repeat.

1. You raise an issue, question, or topic you want improvement on. (confidence, schedules, looks, health, relationships, sex, etc)

2. We give you deep insight & clear explanations that click and make sense to you.

3. We check if you’ve fully grasped the wisdom or not. If yes, we move on to your next issue/question/topic. If no, we dig deeper and explain better until you ‘get it.’

On top of that, we host regular lives where you’re welcome to come and ask J and I questions, and interact more personally.

Plus, if a student is particularly pro-active, they may get special attention or personal guidance from Cyn on a zoom call.

“Every important business decision I run through J-Ryze as a sounding board, a force for good, great conversations…a big shot of adrenaline, creativity, & wisdom.” – Evan Carmichael, Celebrity & Thought-Leader

Much more praise & reviews here: https://jryze.me/praise/

J was collab’ing with Evan Carmichael on an empire-building course. Cyn found J in the launch video, loved his unique perspective on life, devoured all his Instagram & web content, and began using her natural lovability to help others benefit from his wisdom, and still does to this day.

Truth, clarity, and understanding are rare these days. Everyone is confused about nearly everything. And they’re often in denial as well. People don’t know what they don’t know.

They feel burned out, broken down, and used up. No guru or expert seems to really ‘click’ with them. Especially for rebels who want to do things their own way.

We help by adding shots of wisdom, creativity, and belief-adrenalin to whatever area of life is most important to you.

And we do it over and over for as long as you’re with us, to get you soaring through life smoothly.

Technically, yes. J is great at stuff like that, but most people who ask this question aren’t ready for the intense journey of finding their purpose. They’re not ready to draw lines with family, switch careers, experiment with new passions, etc. It usually takes quite a bit of time because of how unprepared most people are. So if you’re looking for purpose, this probably isn’t the group for you.

I met Jay in 2018. I was fat, miserable, depressed, anxious, and addicted to pain-killers. I hated myself and my life. I took my anger out on the whole world around me. I believed I was ugly and that no one would –or could– ever love me.

I saw Jay in an interview on YouTube with a mutual friend of ours, and listening to his words of wisdom changed my life. I knew I had to meet him.

So I went to his instagram and read every post. 500 posts, the captions, the comments and all of his replies. It took me 3 whole days. After which, I reached out to him and we became friends.

On our first call all I did was cry and he understood my pain through my messy tears. He taught me that day that I was valuable and I was beautiful.

1 week after our call I quit taking pain-killers. I also started learning all I could on the Law Of Attraction. Jay sent me tons of resources and I devoured everything. I watched every single video. I dove deep into the LOA and it changed everything.

I started losing weight, I stopped having panic attacks, my depression lifted, and I started to love myself. To truly love who I am.

I began to see myself as pretty and sexy. I FELT it. And I started to dress better, wear makeup for myself, and to feel GOOD.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. Although I had nothing, Jay taught me about business, art, love, beauty, passion, healing, parenting, etc… he re-parented me properly. I was a newborn when we met, and he calmly taught me all the things my parents never had.

He helped me heal my sexual traumas, my self confidence, my energy, and he helped me to find my own happiness.

I honestly could go on and on about all the things he’s taught me but really the best way is to see for yourself. One conversation with Jay will change your life. I know because it did for me and tons of others too.

Jay taught me was how to love myself and how to believe in myself.

And he hasn’t stopped teaching me since.

Jay ran his business on the cold streets of Toronto for about 2.5 years.

He used lots of tricks to stay alive, sheltered, groomed, and dignified, but couldn’t seem to get his head above water.

Eventually, after a failed suicide attempt, he gave up trying to ‘accomplish’ anything. He stopped trying to ‘save’ himself. He stopped trying to ‘be a productive member’ of society. He stopped trying to succeed at business.

And his embracing boredom on the bench was a turning point. His giving up was a milestone. His letting go was a game-changer.

Because as he laid on a bench, accepting that even with his genius IQ, he’d failed at every goal and dream he’d had… he found some peace.

He lay there for more than a day until his body started to blister, the heat parched him, and he felt as if he was starving.

At which point he felt inspired to seek shade.

He ended up at the library, where he hooked up his beat-up old laptop and began giving his wisdom away for free on one internet forum after another.

He advised. He taught. He explained. He helped. That became his daily routine.

Wake up wet from the park’s morning dew, head to the library, and teach other people all he knew until the library closed for the night.

And his wisdom was so good, his teachings so valuable, that he got on the radar of Evan Carmichael. Evan partnered up with him, he began being rewarded and respected for his unique perspective, and helped Evan grow his brand to 3,000,000 subscribers in less than a decade…

…and now Jay’s helping everybody else.

  1. You visit the sales page here: https://jryze.me/
  2. You pick the tier you want to join and click the “Join The Sky Now!” button.
  3. Click ‘Add To Cart’ (or ‘Subscribe’) and be taken to the CHECKOUT page.
  4. Enter your payment info and EMAIL address, then click the “Pay & subscribe” button.
  5. Your ‘Successful’ receipt should pop up with instructions to go to your INBOX to receive your The Sky Discord Server access link.
  1. Yes, and we poured a lot of love into it. Check it out here: https://jryze.me/press/

Why don't you offer programs & courses?

Because program-sellers are really just recipe-sellers. And 'recipes for success' are for amateurs. They're for chumps and casuals who want a step-by-step process to magically win at life. Jay outlined the basic 'commandments' and steps for manifesting your dreams earlier on this page, but ultimately a recipe does not a master-chef make. That's not how success works. Success is not a recipe. Life is not a recipe.

Life is a gourmet meal and you're the chef. At Ryze we create master chefs. We give you skills far beyond a store-bought recipe. You either join us to truly become better, or you follow some guru's recipe only to find out it doesn't work well for you.

And that's why we don't offer 'programs' and 'courses.'

Want more?

Haven't Found Your Answer? Just Ask Us!

Cyn is super-friendly, approachable, and lovable, and she handles most questions. Please feel free to reach out if you have any, or even just to say hi!

"A five minute conversation with J-Ryze can change the way you look at life."
Elie Kirreh
"J-ryze has been a big influence in my life. He has the ability to see talent and potential in you that no one else can. He helps you to think big. He is full of ideas as well as strategies for you to implement. The most important thing I love about him is his heart. Someone who you can trust to be your friend and business associate."
Linh Podetti
Linh Podetti
Philanthropist, CEO, Actress
"How do you do it? Everything you make is amazing. I’m so lucky to know and be inspired by you."
Tracy Baker
Tracy Baker
"J-Ryze is like f***ing human NZT. All the stuff you read in Napoleon Hill, or The Secret or any self help books and spend hours trying to implement... is nothing compared to a coaching session with J-Ryze. All the claims he makes... at changing perspective quickly & permanently is 100% backed up by the results he got for me. Don't be too proud to ask for his help. Invest in this."
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