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Amy’s Cardmaking Miracle (Business, Family, & Mental Health)

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Amy’s crafting biz faced constant losses due to endless drama in her life.

Amid misbehaving kids, hubby’s financial woes, and friends’ relationship crises, finding time for Xmas cards, let alone marketing, was impossible. When she did get a free moment, she’d escape into Netflix, long showers, or a haze of weed.

Time-management courses and avoiding her dramatic friend brought no relief.

So Amy took a short vacation to reset, which helped… briefly.

Then, she discovered the Eyes Wide Open podcast.

It taught her to ditch people-pleasing, which helped reclaim time. It taught her to express needs, which set boundaries that kept drama at bay. It taught her to keep her word, and to hold others accountable for theirs.

Amy changed her mindset, to miraculous results. Drama faded, and if any showed Amy set boundaries, focused on her cardmaking, and let others deal with their stuff. She swapped “super-mom” for “happy human.”

She once believed she must fix her family, friends, & schedule if her craft biz was to succeed…

…but now knew the only necessity was fixing her mental health.

Amy felt so blessed, she now made cards featuring “mental health” sentiments.

They sold extremely well. 😉


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