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69+ Easy OnlyFans Niche Ideas (& How To Find Your Niche)

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You’re here for OnlyFans niche ideas, so let’s skip the explanations and get straight to the niches, right?

“There’s riches in the niches.”

OnlyFans Niche Ideas List

Keep in mind the list below is just a few sample examples, and there are countless niches under the sun for you to choose from if you just brainstorm a bit.

Physical traits OnlyFans Niches

Many OnlyFans creators focus their niche on a specific physical characteristic, usually one they’re passionate about, one their fans love, or a combination of both.

  1. Boobs /  Breasts (Busty / Itty-Bitty)
  2. Body-Type (Hourglass, BBW, Ripped)
  3. Booty (Phat, Twerk, Heart)
  4. Waist (Snatched, 6-Pack)
  5. Thighs (Thunder, Thigh Gap)
  6. Feet (Stocking’d, Heeled, Bare, Dirty)

Note: These are some of the most popular niches on OnlyFans, so if you choose this as an early-stage creator, you may face a lot of competition and struggle to stand out in a see of other body-part sellers.

Culture / Ethnicity OnlyFans Niches

Culture and ethnicity can be a sensitive topic for many, but there are plenty of fans out there for any background you can think of, and if you’re blessed with a certain culture or heritage that you’re proud of, you can use it as a niche to grow your following.

  1. Asian (eg: ABG, K-Pop)
  2. African (eg: Melanin-Nation)
  3. Latina (eg: Thick Latina, Spicy Latina)
  4. Marijuana (eg: Stoners, Potheads)
  5. Cacausian (eg: ‘Murica, Eurobabe)
  6. LGBTQ+ (eg: Gays, Theys)
  7. Spiritual (eg: Tarot, LOA)

Again, I emphasize this is a ‘trigger’ topic for many, so if this type of niche causes you stress, avoid it and focus on many of the other OnlyFans niche types.

Career & Job OnlyFans Niches

If you happen to have (or once had) a career or life-experience that taps into people’s fantasies, that can often be a great OnlyFans niche idea.

  1. Nurse / Doctor
  2. Police Officer / Lawyer
  3. Athlete /  Cheerleader
  4. Student (Risky)
  5. Teacher
  6. STEM / Scientist

There are many others that ‘work’ for spicy accountants, this is just a few examples.

Hobby-related OnlyFans Niches

Hobbies and interests are a great way to build your niche, because they often resonate with a passionate fanbase who just want to see an influencer who actually cares about their hobby similar to how they do.

  1. Gaming (Video, Tabletop)
  2. Anime (SFW, Hentai)
  3. Sports (Team, Solo)
  4. Cosplay (Lewds, SFW)
  5. Crypto (Bitcoin, Sh*tcoin)
  6. Food (Baking, Foodie)

The above are just some obvious ones, but there’s so many hobbies out there that are even more niche and even easier to become known for. A crocheting OnlyFans model might be your thing, for example.

Fetish-focused OnlyFans Niches

Fetishes are one of the most popular ways to choose a niche on OnlyFans. One reason for this is that the more narrow one’s fetish is, the more open they are to *paying* for it.

Finding ‘busty girls’ for free on OnlyFans is fairly easy, but finding ‘saxaphone oral-play’ models is much harder, and anyone who has such a specific fetish is usually happy to pay for it to be catered to.

  1. BDSM
  2. Amateur
  3. Milf
  4. Findom
  5. Piercings / Ink
  6. Group
  7. An*l

Listing every fetish would take days so I’ll stop there, suffice to say, if you can think of it, there’s likely a paying audience for it. ‘Sex sells’ has always been a thing, and still is today.

Format-based OnlyFans Niches

These are more uncommon as niches, but can definitely be used, or combined with other potential niches to create something fresh.

  1. Photos Only
  2. Videos Only
  3. Audio Only
  4. Sext Only
  5. Streaming Only

They’re great for people who prefer one format over another, but may limit your audience going forward.

SFW OnlyFans Niches

OnlyFans is mainly an adult-content platform, but they’re doing their best to branch out. So just in case you’re looking for Safe-For-Work niches, here’s a few to get you started. 

  1. Motivational
  2. Fitness & Sport
  3. Travel & Photography
  4. Lifestyle & Food
  5. ASMR / Podcast

They’re great for people who prefer one format over another, but may limit your audience going forward.

So there you have it, over 69 OnlyFans niche ideas to help you grow your brand.

That said, most of these niches are quite competitive, so it’s wise to niche down even further by combining a few them.

Instead of just being in the ‘milf’ niche, be in the ‘crypto-loving milf bbw’ niche. Instead of just being in the ‘twerk’ niche, be in the ‘video-only submissive twerk’ niche.

This will help you build a passionate audience fast, and those fans networks will help spread you to more and more people as you grow.

Which OnlyFans niches are most popular?

We can’t know for sure because OnlyFans doesn’t release much data, but examining PornHub’s 2021 Year In Review for each of these terms may give us some insight:

OnlyFans Niche
(Pornhub Search Term)
Pornhub Search Ranking
Big A$$10
Big T*ts18

So there you go. It looks like anime-waifus are absolutely crushing it lately (but are also the most competitive niche as well.)

Can you answer a few more OnlyFans niche questions?

Sure. 😉

What actually is a niche?

The dictionary says a niche is “a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.”

A second definition says a niche “denotes products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.”

Here’s my definition of what a niche is, in plain English:

A niche is just a label for what you provide to the market.

It’s something people can easily relate to, search for, and explain. It’s one of the pillars of your brand.

FashionNova popularized the niche of ‘fast fashion.’

Twitch.Tv popularized the niche of ‘streaming.’

Recently creators who’s niche is ‘pegging’ or ‘ASMR’ have been on the rise.

A niche is just a label for your main offering to the market. 

I probably should’ve answered this at the beginning, but I figured you wanted to get straight to the niche ideas.

Why do I need an OnlyFans niche?

Because social media is competitive. OnlyFans is competitive. And it’s only getting more so everyday.

Subscribers are expecting a clear niche from everyone they visit, or they’ll bounce.

Their time is precious and buyer’s have gotten very good at leaving if a creator’s niche isn’t clearly for them.

They’ll click once, take a few-second glance, and if they don’t see a clear niche that resonates with them, they’re gone.

A clear niche is practically essential in our noisy digital world, and if you select one that suits you well you’ll deal with far less competition, get more loyal subscribers, and have an easier time knowing what to publish.

How do I find my OnlyFans niche?

To find the OnlyFans niche that’s right for you, it just takes three steps:

Step 1 – Commit to a tribe, niche it down.

Having a niche like ‘everyone’ or ‘all men’ is something you can do when your brand is strong enough like Nike targeting ‘all athletes’ recently, but it’s a recipe for failure in early stages of your career. Nike started by targeting ‘track-runners’, and offered them a single shoe that fit their needs perfectly.

They committed to that tribe, then they niched it down even further to ‘college track-runners who show up to track-meets.’

To choose the right niche for you, you absolutely must commit to a tribe first, or you’ll end up serving no one, and no one will flow dollars to you.

I write more about this in my post “How To Make Money On OnlyFans (8 Easy Steps For 2022!)

Step 2 – Commit to an offering, niche it down.

Once you have your tribe, you want to create your main offer for them. What are you offering them? What’s your niche?

Solo play? D*ck-sucking vids? Jerk-Off Instructions?

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s an offer that resonates with your tribe, and then niche it down.

You can use my ‘Bullseye’ Method to narrow down your tribe & niche into something specific that works for you.

OnlyFans Niche Ideas - Bullseye Method
Diagram of the bullseye-method of niche-selection.

If you’re offering ‘phat booty’ content to a tribe of university guys, niche it down to something more specific and catchy, such as ‘twerk-vids for frat bros.’

If you’re offering ‘girlfriend experience’ content to a tribe of Japanophiles, niche it down to ‘lewd waifu-fun for weebs.’

Finally, once you’ve got that down, figure out a way to make it really stand out.

Step 3 – Grab attention by making it different.

Once you’ve got your tribe and offer wrapped up into a catchy niche tagline, see if you can really turn up the uniqueness.

‘Twerk-vids for frat bros’ becomes neon twerk-vids for frat bros.’

Don’t like neon? Fine.

‘Twerk-vids for frat bros’ becomes lesbian twerk-couple performing for bros.’

Don’t have a lesbian friend? Fine.

‘Twerk-vids for frat bros’ becomes oiled-up twerk-vids for frat bros.’

You get the picture. There are many niches out there, and many creators competing in each niche.

If you want to have an easy time of things, find a way to be different, stand-out, and grab attention.

I cover this more in step 4 of my post “How To Make Money On OnlyFans

What about OnlyFans niche generators?

Unlike my OnlyFans Username Ideas post, I couldn’t even find an OnlyFans niche generator, but if you know of one, I’m happy to check it out. Just send us an email.

Do I have to stick to my niche?

You have to stick to your niche to increase your visibility, recognition, and attention from the public, especially in the early years.

“How you feeling like a man envying a chick? / Wake up and go get some money, go and find your niche” – Cardi B, Foreva

You can branch out if you want, but don’t be surprised if chunks of your audience bristle and leave when you do so. It comes with the territory.

As you get bigger and have a clearer understanding of how business and the market works, you may be able to branch out more successfully.

Kanye West managed to go successfully from beat-making, to rapping, to fashion, but he took years to do it, and he made sure to focus on one niche at a time.

OnlyFans Niche Model

Now you have your OnlyFans niche, but...

Have you chosen a high-value OnlyFans name?

And if you do have your name, have you crafted an effective OnlyFans bio?

And if you have both of those, maybe you need some caption templates and examples?

If you want help with any of these things, check out my free posts:

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