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Not growing as fast as you'd like?
It's probably not your fault.

There’s a secret to fast growth that Joe Rogan, Gary Vee, & Mel Robbins all avoid talking about. It’s totally personal to you, but no one taught you about it. And what if I told you it’s not hard work, in fact, it’s kind of a guilty pleasure… would it make you curious?

Well I’m psyched to share it, but only with open-minded rebels & renegades.  So you ready, Rebel? The secret is VENTING. Ranting. Getting s**t off your chest. If you share it with the right person, in a safe place, it opens doors & triggers growth.

That’s why Cyn & I made an exclusive underground community just for that.

It takes a great man
to be a good listener.
Calvin Coolidge

You're about to join most loving group for rebels on the planet.

Facebook Groups Suck - Black Sheep

You've probably joined Facebook groups before...

…and not had the best experience. Chances are they did one or more of the following:

They don't pay attention to you.

We offer true listening & focused attention.

Their content is weak.

We deliver wise, deep, empowering content.

They're full of useless spam.

We offer a private, exclusive group, so spam is non-existent.

They don't "get" you.

We care about & love understanding you.

This group is different.

Yes we love positivity, but we encourage you to rant first.

Because people stay stuck until they get a chance to express and feel understood. Jumping straight to solutions rarely works for anyone. The first step is expressing emotions, letting off steam, and feeling heard.

Isn't that just putting negativity into the world?

Nope. Negativity is already in the world. Denying it only makes things worse. It exists in all of us, even if we like to pretend otherwise. A real rebel owns their frustrations, expresses them in a healthy way, and then moves forward with their life.

Every annoyance we have is a gift from the universe, meant to guide us to our best life. If we’d only listen to it.

What are some signs this group is for you?

You're not sure what to ask, you just know something is wrong.

"Psssh... c'mon, I don't need a 'safe space.' "

Do people RESPECT YOUR IDEAS? Or do they discourage them? Do they VALIDATE YOUR FEELINGS? Or do they dismiss them? The world can be harsh, everyone needs a safe space.

It's your turn, it's your time.

It’s time your dreams were supported, encouraged, cheered for.

It’s time for you to be in a safe space, with people who don’t judge you.

It’s time for you to amp up your growth and make an bigger impact.

It’s time to express yourself, and be heard, seen, and valued.

It’s time for you to feel free of the heavy burdens weighing you down.

It’s time for you to talk about shit that matters to you.

Not to brag, but...
the group is truly special.

This unique blend of traits isn’t found in any other group out there. We challenge you to look find one. 🙂

Sample RyzeSesh Q&A
Join my weekly sesh &
vent with zero judgment.
How can I get fit? How can I make more money? How can I have great relationships? How can I feel inspired? How can I create viral content? Talk freely about whatevers on your mind. It's the first step to growing past them.

RyzeSesh Enrollment

Private Facebook Live 4x / Month!
$ 97
  • Your personal, judgment-free listener.
  • A chance to rant.
  • An epic sounding-board & mirror.
  • Feel truly heard, possibly for the first time ever.
  • Meet others who understand you.
  • A safe, judgment-free zone.
  • Only takes an hour a week.

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Hi! I'm J-Ryze, and I offer a safe place for rebel-preneurs.

Because I’ve been ignored and marginalized most of my life. I’ve poured out gems of advice for ex-clients, only to have them spit on it. I’ve taught girlfriends valuable skills, only to see them wasted. I’ve created years of content for people, only to go unrewarded.

I know what it’s like to be black sheep. Shunned, discouraged, under-valued. And it feels frustrating to be unseen, unheard, unnoticed.  But…

Your frustration is a blessing.

Your anger is essential.

Your rants are valuable.

The things that piss you off are the keys to your biggest success. But only if you share them with the right person.

If you share them with ‘gurus’, they’ll just give you a catchy soundbite that fattens their wallets. If you share them with peers, they’ll likely drown you out or blow you off.

But if you share them with a world-class listener, who never judges, and knows how you feel… that’s when the magic happens.

Because in these trying times, conversation is the real gift.

About The Founders, J-Ryze & Cynshine



I ran my business while homeless on cold Toronto streets for 3 years. All but completely ignored. It taught me to cherish wisdom, truth, & upliftment, which I used to help Evan Carmichael build his brand for nearly a decade. Now I help other rebels like me.



I was an obese heroin-addict trapped in a bad marriage, and failing at art until I met J-Ryze. He taught me how to transform myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. He helped me feel heard, understood, and seen. Now my passion is helping the world see him. 

Here's a taste of the eye-opening wisdom on our YouTube channel.

Like a chef who cooks any cuisine, I listen to anything that's bothering you.


“How come I always end up doing things that make me feel like s**t?”


“Why do I work so hard & make so little? It’s messed up.”


“I’m fed up with doing everything I can to grow and barely moving the needle! WTF?”


“My own family drives me insane, is this fixable? At all? In any way?”


“I love doing so many things, do  I really have to pick just one? It’s not fair!”


“I’m a people-pleaser who doesn’t put myself out there, ’cause I’m scared of haters.”

Want to join other rebel-preneurs?

It’s about the same price as a Starbuck’s drink a day.

Why rebels like you need a better support system.

It’s simple: Your dreams need fuel, not dead-weight.

You're worthy of all your dreams.

Your blocks aren't your fault, they've been trained into you by society, but don't worry...

You're on the edge of a better way.

Here are 4 simple steps to raise momentum in your life:

4 Simple Steps To Achieve Momentum

STEP 1 — Vent anything that's on your mind.

STEP 2 — Receive understanding, support, ideas, solutions.

STEP 3 — Apply any takeaways, execute them well.

STEP 4 — Realize the improvement, growth, & momentum.

But there's a catch.
This group may not be for you if...

Who this group is perfect for:

Open-Minded Rebels ('Ryzing Stars')

This group is for a very special type of person. Usually they know who they are, and whether they’re a fit. But just in case, here’s a few traits that may be worth considering:

What do you get from membership to this group?

Ready for an open-dialog with like-minds?

Here's what we'll do together:

First, you rant a bit, let off some steam, get things off your chest, & then we'll...

Evaluate & clarify things you truly want, whether big or small.
Reveal any hidden limiting beliefs in a fun, conversational way.
Set you up to be the undeniable super-hero in your life.
A Safe Space
For Rebel-Preneurs
Why don't I ever do what I say? Why can't I get what I want? Why don't people like my stuff? Why can't I get noticed? Get your questions answered, clear & fast.

RyzeSesh Enrollment

Private Facebook Live 4x / Month!
$ 97
  • Your personal, judgment-free listener.
  • A chance to rant.
  • An epic sounding-board & mirror.
  • Feel truly heard, possibly for the first time ever.
  • Meet others who understand you.
  • A safe, judgment-free zone.
  • Only takes an hour a week.

This debut-pricing won't last. Get yours now, because it WILL go up soon.

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Once you’ve received J’s input, feedback, or advice… it’s yours. It lives in your mind, & makes you a better person. If a person doesn’t get results from his advice, it’s almost always because they failed to apply it. Kind of like someone only working out a couple times a year. Thing is, you can’t “return” advice, the same way you can’t “return” a gym membership, even though one trains your body, the other your mind.

But, since J’s so confident his advice will help you soar…

He still offers a money-back guarantee.

Which means there’s no risk for you. Just try the group for one month, and if you can honestly tell me you’re not satisfied, I’ll happily give your money back.

People showing love to J 🙂

"A five minute conversation with J-Ryze can change the way you look at life."
Elie Kirreh
"J-ryze has been a big influence in my life. He has the ability to see talent and potential in you that no one else can. He helps you to think big. He is full of ideas as well as strategies for you to implement. The most important thing I love about him is his heart. Someone who you can trust to be your friend and your business associate."
Linh Podetti
Linh Podetti
Philanthropist, CEO, Actress
"How do you do it? Everything you make is amazing. I’m so lucky to know and be inspired by you."
Tracy Baker
Tracy Baker
"J-Ryze is a cold dude. He's like f***ing human NZT. All the stuff you read in Napoleon Hill, or The Secret or any self help books and spend hours trying to implement via meditation, group therapy , raw discipline or whatever is nothing compared to a coaching session with J-Ryze. All the claims he makes... at changing perspective quickly & permanently is 100% backed up by the results he got for me. Don't be too proud to ask for his help. Invest in this."
Marcus Miller
Math & Music

"An empathetic listener, willing to accept people & ideas no matter how ‘out there’..."

Conservatism has its place and should not be criticized. It keeps us on a safe and on a somewhat predictable path. It keeps chaos at bay. Relying exclusively on conservatism alone however has its downside.

It tends to make people afraid to make a leap into unknown territory, afraid to explore new ideas, afraid to swim against the current, or pursue an idea or goal that is unpopular, afraid to take the risks necessary to become the best they can be.

For those who wish to take that leap there is often little encouragement.

That is where Jason comes in. In the years that I have known him he has always been an advocate of escaping the box, thinking, and moving along new lines to maximize his potential and that of those he works with.

He's one of the few who have made it their calling to encourage those who want to reach their potential but may not know how.

And he is one of the few who has the experience and innate qualities to help. He is an excellent and empathetic listener, willing to accept people and ideas no matter how ‘out there’ they may be, then come up with an honest critique and form a route or map to success.

I met him at least 15 years ago when he was recommended to me to help develop a web site for my business. We have been friends ever since, meeting for lunches and indulging in interesting conversations that encompass virtually every topic under the sun. On the occasions when I asked his opinion on a business matter his advice was well thought out, sound, often inventive, and always of value.

Most importantly he has been unfailingly honest in giving his opinions without regard for what I might want to hear.

It's understandable that he is easily able to connect with those who seek his help. No matter how a day began it is always brighter after our lunches.

Writing a testimonial for Jason is one of the easiest things I have ever done.
Paul Spiar

J-Ryze gets a lot of praise.

There’s 30+ more testimonials here: https://jryze.me/praise


It’s natural to have questions, hopefully the next section answers any outstanding ones.

J was collab’ing with Evan Carmichael on an empire-building course. Cyn found J in the launch video, loved his unique perspective on life, devoured all his Instagram & web content, and began using her natural lovability to help others benefit from his wisdom, and still does to this day.

It’s led by J-Ryze, who lived on the streets for years, and Cynthia, a divorced former heroin-addict. We’re in no position to judge anyone, and have learned deep acceptance.

It’s all good. You can post your question or frustration in the group and we’ll do our best to get to it. Alternatively, you can give your question to Cyn, and see if she’s inspired to ask it directly for you. Either way, you can catch the answer in the replays!

J feels confident helping practically anyone. He totally gets people in a startup phase. That said, startups usually don’t have the disposable capital to invest in our group, and they often aren’t in the proper headspace to apply the wisdom. So we don’t recommend early-stage founders to join, but if you really want to, J and I are happy to help.

Technically, yes. J is great at stuff like that, but most people who ask this question aren’t ready for the intense journey of finding their purpose. They’re not ready to draw lines with family, switch careers, experiment with new passions, etc. It usually takes quite a bit of time because of how unprepared most people are. So if you’re looking for purpose, this probably isn’t the group for you.

Thanks so much for asking! We currently accept payment through Discover, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diner’s Club, PayPal. Your price will be converted to USD prior to purchase using real-time exchange rates. We use Gumroad for payment-processing & it’s secured by SSL with 128-bit encryption.

Want more?

Haven't Found Your Answer? Just Ask Us!

Cyn is super friendly and approachable and lovable, and she handles most questions, so feel free to reach out if you have any, or even just to say hi!

So... Is this really worth it?

Well, would you rather stumble around in the dark with no guidance?

Would you rather barrel down a path taught to you by some celebrity who’s main talent is ‘being charming?’

Would you rather try a traditional education from schools, textbooks, and ‘experts’? Have they gotten anyone anywhere decent?


How much would it cost you to spend years failing your business because no one bothered to straighten out your beliefs, your character?

How much would you spend giving “one more chance” to the wrong partner, because no one bothered to show you that you deserve better?

The toll of a poor support system on your life is massive, and costly.

The price of a great support system is just $97 a month.

It’s an insanely good deal if you ask me.

But hey, your call.

Ask the questions you've always wanted to.
What does 'follow your heart' mean? What makes someone beautiful? What is the next step for me? What exactly is a great brand? Get your questions answered, clear & fast.

RyzeSesh Enrollment

Private Facebook Live 4x / Month!
$ 97
  • Your personal, judgment-free listener.
  • A chance to rant.
  • An epic sounding-board & mirror.
  • Feel truly heard, possibly for the first time ever.
  • Meet others who understand you.
  • A safe, judgment-free zone.
  • Only takes an hour a week.

This debut-pricing won't last. Get yours now, because it WILL go up soon.

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Sample RyzeSesh Q&A

One last thing...

Rebels need to stick together.

The world’s full of confused people who play small. Fragile egos & knee-jerk panic run rampant. We need wise, high-integrity people to show the world a better way.

We need truth-seekers to band together, to unite.


‘Cause the world ignores isolated rebels and applauds movements & causes. This is why you’re so important. Because if you’re here, it means you’re smart. Positive, but with something to say. Open-minded to harsh truths.

So you’re at a fork in the road.

You can choose to either leave this page & blend-in with a sea of excuse-makers… or take a stand by joining our exclusive underground community, where you’ll get a judgment-free ear, access to J-Ryze, plus you’ll meet like-minded others who can help you grow too.

So the question is…

Are you in? Can #RyzeNation count on you?

-Love, Cyn