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It all starts with you, and how great a leader you are.

Hi, I'm J-Ryze, and I help leaders ryze.

"Every important business decision…I run through J-Ryze as a sounding board…a force for good…great conversations…a big shot of adrenaline… creativity & wisdom."
Evan Carmichael - J-Ryze Testimonial
Evan Carmichael

Who's making you better?

Businesses scale into movements. Movements scale into empires. Empires scale into human evolution.

And it all hinges on the quality of the leader.

But many leaders lack a worthy sounding-board. They have sub-standard filters. They get mostly well-meaning, mediocre counsel.

It’s true. There are high-leverage leaders out there who’d be truly iconic if they were challenged with fresh views, sparked to greater vision, & nudged to higher standards.

Ask yourself, who’s making you better? Who’s uplifting you when you’re faced with:

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Quirky queens and modern merlins. | 60sec.

Low Standards

You’re succeeding and you know it, but you also know your message could be bigger & bolder.


Rarely knowing if you’re getting straight advice ’cause peeps see you as a bankroll or sex-object.


When projects aren’t growing and your message ain’t reaching who it could, you die a little inside.

Sure, you wanna grow your influence, but not in an echo-chamber of ‘yes-men’ or at the cost of your integrity. You’re focused on executing & realizing your goals, but you deserve someone who absorbs culture, tech, & art for you, then distills it into advice that matters. You deserve who explores the leading edge & brings back elite intel. You deserve a personal consigliere, laser-focused on your best interests.

But, like vodka, ryze isn't for the faint of heart.

J-Ryze Personal Advisory
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Better humans, better leaders, better life. | 1.5min.

Get insight, clarity, & perspective.

While you’re hiring, I’m advising on talent magnetism. While you’re watching viewcounts, I’m raising your standards.

‘Cause the real power is often hidden.

Stuff people write off, like ‘catchy jingles’, will boost your brand. Abstract things like ‘compelling rituals’ will form the foundation of a movement. Expressing certain feminine or masculine energies will hugely impact your relationships.

Experimenting with sales funnels is great, but common.  I wonder… do you have a merlin who’ll explore untapped secrets?

J-Ryze Modern Merlin Magician Wise

Chat, ignite, and amp up your life.

How can a simple 'chat' be so valuable?

ONE: The rare power of ‘shifting perspective.’

In this video, Daniel Pink tells a story of a  experiment.

A group of people were told to identify their dominant hand, snap their fingers 5 times, and then draw a capital ‘E’ on their forehead. And doing that had some interesting results.

TWO: Chain-reactions.

A tiny breath on a mountain-peak can start an avalanche. The smallest spark can light the fuse on a rocket. It just requires the right chain-reactions.

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Daniel Pink's 'perspective' story. | Georgetown USCS

 And then layering more & more of them over time.  Like what, you ask? They’re tailored to you. Whatever fits the moment. It could be a chat on leverage that comes from translating your brand into a trendy tattoo.  Or on how a small experiment with eSports could lead to you meeting your life-partner.

And then that, in turn, creates a chain-reaction in you. Better leader, better empire. The repercussions are massive.

"I had a #ryzesession a few days ago and my brain is still tingling... One 40-minute conversation with J-Ryze was exactly what I needed to start what I expect to be the biggest year of my life. Dude is the real deal."
Paul Saylor Testimonial J-Ryze
Paul Saylor

Stories, death, and building new cities - The J-Ryze view.

Here are a few ‘fresh views’ on oft-misunderstood topics. Click one to read.

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Monetize symbol, story, & myth.

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How porn can help your empire.

Sexy is valuable, but most businesses are too scared to tap into that value. Explore some ways it can help yours.


Why suicide isn't always bad.

My death began at a grocery store, so how am I still here, helping peeps ryze? Because suicide helped me.


Build a new city, from scratch.

As a teen, I felt powerless to fix what I felt was a broken city, housing a broken society. Now though...


Coming Soon 🙂

Got an idea for a ryzing topic that I can shed some light on? Let me know by dropping me an email.

There’s lots more, but we’d need to have a 1-to-1 interaction for you to experience the magic 😉 To me, every #ryzesesh is my performance, and I’ve been practicing my entire life, I’d love for you to benefit.

Beware though, a chat with me can be pretty intense.

My dark years forged me from coal into diamonds.

I was evicted, dumped, betrayed, jailed, failed, broke, and alone. I lost everything and spent 2-3 years of my homeless. Nowhere to sleep, nothing to eat, even in harsh Toronto winters. When I called the shelters they told me they were full. I couldn’t bring myself to ask anyone for another handout.

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How I used to hate celebrities.
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Be a diamond: My rant to a PUA.
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The strange tale of J-Ryze in jail.

Sooooo, when people hear my story, they tend to gasp and feel like I’ve been through hell, (and maybe I have) but I feel that everyone has their own personal journey and struggle, and one isn’t ‘better’ than another.  I do know that I learned a lot about myself and the world through my experiences, and that if I could run my business and help people ryze when I had nothing, I can do it even better now.

“I’ll just speak from the heart here and tell you that I feel like I owe everything to you. I wouldn’t be so happy dancing and writing and loving without you. I wouldn’t look at life the same way. I wouldn’t see…So anyway, I wanted you to know how much you did for me.”
Jennifer Price

... and if you like stories, read one a client wrote about me.

Ryze Vol.1: Artful truthseeker, 21st century wise man, royal adrenalizer, & pop curator.

The striking story of the man who sleeps sitting-up, uses eSports to teach wisdom, & showed me how to #ryze.

Lacey Raven, Pornstar PrincessMy boss was a famous porn-princess, and at the time, I was her personal assistant.

She’d often drag me along for protection and cleanup when she’d ass-out at fancy shindigs. I didn’t mind so much ’cause it was entertaining. (The bonus pay was nice too.) I still felt honored that the lust-idol of many, Lacey Raven, had invited me to her friend’s penthouse suite for an exclusive, hush-hush dinner affair.

Tommy Crull eSports CEOLacey was close with Tommy Crull, maverick CEO of eSports company Mayhem Games, and he’d invited her and a few bigshots to join in the fun.

Some peeps there included Evie Sodda, a young, sublimely talented recording artist, who acted like a train-wreck (and also just off training-wheels), plus King Blasta, the sensitive-but-volatile rapper.

See, Tom’s guests were incredibly accomplished, but had so much more potential and desire to grow, and Tom saw it.

King Blasta - Hiphop RapperThese peeps lacked wise counsel. Their thinking wasn’t challenged often, and they’d needed someone truly on-board with their ambitious dreams.

So, Tom brought ‘em together to meet Empire Coach, J-Ryze. (And, yes, he really does sleep sitting up, but I’ll get to that in a minute.)

And even though Tom took the time to ‘prime’ them before J’s arrival, ensuring they knew how much he’d contributed to Tom’s rise to power, most were still doubtful.

Their trash-talk pulled no punches.

“What could this guy possibly tell me that I don’t already know?” spat K-Bla.

“I just wanna totally express myself,” insisted Evie, “And nobody gets my art, so why would this Ryze-guy?”

Lacey spoke with body-language, pointedly throwing her (admittedly beautiful) boobs in everyone’s faces. I watched all 3 guests guzzle down a few strong drinks by the time J-Ryze strolled into the suite, fashionably late.

And wow did this dude have some style.

His swagger instantly vitalized the room. He was charming and animated. His brash, bullshit-free approach was provocatively powerful to this celeb-crowd. They were likely used to ‘yes-men.’

(And I’m pretty sure I saw a car full of giggling girls waving at him through a crack in the door.)

When we all sat down for dinner, Tommy told us a little more about Jay and encouraged each of them to seriously consider working with him if they were ‘ready to Ryze.’

He told us the stories of how he met Jay before he’d started Mayhem, just playing Tribal Online, and not even aware at that time – that J-Ryze had been helping Tom while homeless!

He and J-Ryze had coffee together at an upscale cafe, talking ’til closing, and Tommy couldn’t get enough of J-Ryze’s fresh views on taboos. They ended up playing Tribal ’til the small hours.

Jay taught Tommy about ‘brand artistry’ during their game together in the middle of the night.

And living on the streets forced J-Ryze to sleep Internet Lounge chairs, it’s why he sometimes preferred to get his Zs that way, despite now owning his personal mansion, The Pearl.

Just as the story was getting good, Evie suddenly interrupted, telling us how her latest productions were ‘too obscure’ for the average crowd, so an empire coach couldn’t help her, and that nobody’d buy the stuff she dreams of making. J-Ryze replied that, with thinking like that was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“Don’t be a victim of the masses, Evie. Create demand. I don’t know you that well, but I’m guessing you didn’t get here by being an average artist who panders to society.” He spoke full of level confidence.

“All the greats are ahead of their time, so most people didn’t get them at first. Pink Floyd. Eminem. Even Steve Jobs.

Like Kanye says ‘And if they hate then let ’em hate / and watch the money pile up.’

Evie argued that her best-seller was her worst-sung pop tune, while Jay’s hand produced a pen & pad from his pocket. J-Ryze cut her short & rifled off a sketch, saying  “Wait, weren’t you first on the radio to sing about girl-on-girl in a sugary way, making ‘being bi’ way more acceptable? Sounds pretty edgy to me.”

Jay grinned with bright, caring eyes. He was clearly interested in helping Evie ryze up, and knew he’d zeroed in on a vital point. Evie, clearly missing it, just rolled her eyes and left the table to grab a smoke on the balcony.

K-Bla leaned forward, “So, you like rap, boy?”

Jay grinned again, “To me, rap’s the new Shakespeare; a beautiful blend of rhythm and storytelling, full of wisdom.” K-Bla’s eyebrows raised, impressed.

“That sound ‘bout right. Me write dem tings, and dem ah feel the vibe. And since me gal dem all-drama, all-de-time, me just like a Shakespeare play, yo.” Jay smirked and fired back “You mightt try rapping about relationships that suit you, instead of raising the drama by rapping about it.” I could tell K-Bla didn’t follow by his spacey stare.

Jay could as well, so he scribbled and prodded further, “Look, you rap about money —stacks & bling for your hoes— right? So, like, did you always have all that cash? Or did it start to flow after you rapped about it? Rap creates reality.

K-Bla laughed, “Me still ain’t haff enough, these hoes take it all.” Jay shook his head as K-Bla downed another drink. Meanwhile, my boss was unusually quiet, maybe ’cause she wasn’t the center of attention for once. That quickly changed.

Jay casually asked about her latest film. “Your facial expressions were so playful, Lacey. They told a story that kept me enthralled.” Lacey giggled loudly as she tossed her hair and re-crossed her legs towards him, “Oh sure, it’s my face that you were looking at, Jay.”

He smiled and dropped some serious eye-contact, “It’s true you’ve got great tits, Lace’, but so does every other pornstar. I’ve got high standards & see art in everything. You wouldn’t be nearly as enticing without the fire you show on-screen.” Lacey quirked her mouth to the side, full of doubt.

views_porn_expressionJay continued, “Think about watching a child. Do you know when a kid’s having fun, or telling a fib, or when they’ve really hurt themselves?”

She admitted “Sure, it’s all over their face.” “Exactly,” Jay nodded. Lacey didn’t relent.

“Come on, though… that’s totally different. My audience doesn’t care about my emotions like they care about a kid. They want sex. I might be a great actress, but nobody cares. Even my agent thinks they showed my face too much in that film.”

“Get a new agent then,” Jay fired back.

“The reason your body looks so hot on-screen is that it’s a mirror of your face & feelings, It reflects & accents the pleasure you’re expressing.”

Lacey huffed, “I can’t just fire my agent, dude. She’s the best in the biz…” J-Ryze’s features scrunched up as Lacey’s voice rose, “…which you know nothing about!” and she stormed off to join Evie on the balcony.

J-Ryze had clearly hit close to home, I couldn’t believe how dense these jokers were. Did their egos make them deaf?

My parted-lips and staring-in-awe caught J-Ryze’s eye, so I figured I’d speak up.

“Wow, dude, you’re throwing pure gold at these peeps and they’re just leaving that shiny goodness on the table! I wish I could afford you.”

Jay took a swig of his Belvedere and studied me.

“Well, it takes a special person to recognize my wisdom, so that tells me you’re going places. Let’s talk. I’m willing to figure something out… what are you working on? What are you psyched about?”

-Story by Jennifer Price.

Pretty cool read, right? I mean, it’s embellished a bit, but for the most part, that’s me! I’m super-honored to have tales like this crafted about me. (And if you read the piece above about the power of myths, you likely are as well.)

Psyched to connect? Great, but first...

Note: Some consider me a tad eccentric, and only a select few can handle the interaction. You’ll need to have strong levels of:


I'm a fountain of fresh views & creative insights, but it takes an aware leader to realize it.


An open, receptive mindset’s required to benefit from wise, creative contributions.


Ryzing means new options. I can help a lot, but it's on you & your team to execute well.


Want an agenda-free advisor? Make sure you aim to show love. Love gets love.

If you still think you’re a fit, drop me a line and let’s talk.

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